Episode 203 | September 2019 | Guest DJ: DJ El3v8e

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 203 | September 2019 | Guest DJ: DJK El3v8e

Intro: We’re at the end of Summer and things are still scorching hot here in Atlanta. This month on Uniquely Yours, Dave brings another massive mix of deep house, tech house and techno. Featured in the middle of his set is Selectro’s 2019 Ibiza sampler. There’s a LOT of great music on it, so be […]

Episode 202 | August 2019 | Guest DJ: Nick Elle

Uniquely Yours | Episode 202 | August 2019 | Guest DJ: Nick Elle

Intro: Nick Elle joins Dave Richards as this month’s guest DJ on MK837 presents Uniquely Yours. Nick lives in Houston, Tx and runs a small label called Praxis Music with his fiancé, Jhosselyn. The two work write music together as well. They also have an upcoming single releasing on MK837 in September. Out now is […]

Episode 201 | July 2019 | Guest DJ: AJ Mora

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 201 | July 2019 | Guest DJ: AJ Mora

Intro: It’s the start of our second season of MK837 presents Uniquely Yours. Once again, your host, Dave Richards, delivers the opening salvo with a mix of house, tech house and techno for your listening pleasure. The last part of Dave’s set includes several tracks from MK837’s new compilation The Night Belongs to Us, which […]

EPISODE 112 | June 2019 | GUEST DJ: Tonal Grooves

Uniquely Yours | Ep 112 | June 2019 | Guest DJ: Tonal Grooves

Intro: If you’ve been following Uniquely Yours from the beginning, you should know that we’ve been doing this for a year now. The past six months on Data Transmission Radio have been great and we’re looking forward to continuing here, but officially this is our birthday show. Happy Birthday to the unique! In hour one […]

Episode 111 | May 2019 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | Ep 111 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Intro: Dave Richards is back with another set of unique tracks, handpicked just for you. Yes, you. In his opening set, you’ll hear tracks from Audio Safari, Amber Recordings, Twisted Freud Recordings and more. Dave also showcases a few new tracks from MK837, including his newest “Love & Grace” which released today. Our guest DJ […]

Episode 110 | Bogard (April 2019)

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours Episode 110 | April 2019 | Guest DJ: Bogard

Intro: This month, Dave starts off the show by correcting an oversight on his part. He never properly introduced his label, MK837. So, he corrects that with a showcase of MK837’s talent and catalog. Following that, Bogard takes over for his guest set. This time out, our Romanian friend who lives in London showcases his […]

EP 109 | Krampelli (March 2019)

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 109 | March 2019 | Guest DJ: Krampelli

Intro: It’s March and spring is well on its way. This month on Uniquely Yours, Dave drops a stellar mix containing tracks from Rob Evs, Prodeeboy, QDream , Atesh K. and more. He also introduces you to a couple of new MK837 tracks from Brainsetter and Amuse as well. Our guest DJ is New York […]

EP 108 | MicFreak (February 2019)

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 108 | February 2019 | Guest DJ: Micfreak

Intro: This month on Uniquely Yours, Dave opens with a killer track selection from Lost on You, CLAP, Delicious Recordings, Audiowhore Records and more as well as a few upcoming tracks from MK837’s new Come Play with Us compilation which hits stores on February 15th. Following Dave’s opening set is a guest mix from Baltimore, […]

EP 107 | Francisco Samuel (January 2019)

UY107 | FrancsicoSamuel (January2019)

It’s our inaugural show on Data Transmission Radio. We’ve been doing this as a podcast for a while, but we’ve taken a leap of faith and joined the Data Transmission team. If you’re looking for some unique house and techno, that’s what we aim to provide every second Saturday. Hour one will always be a […]

EP 106 | J Lauda (December 2018)

EP 106 | J Lauda (December2018)

Welcome to the holiday season. We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with great food, good fun and a reflection on all the blessings this year has brought. I hope you’re looking forward to the rest of the holiday season and have plans to spend it with friends and family. One thing that we’re thankful for […]

EP 105 | DiCristino (November 2018)

Uniquely Yours has returned with it’s fifth episode. This month Dave goes tribal with his opening mix, gives his take on the latest version of Traktor Pro and gives you a bit of a preview of Emma Rugger’s upcoming release on MK837, “French Dancer.” Our guest mix this month is from one of MK837’s latest, […]

Ep 104 | DJ El3v8e (October 2018)

Ep 104 | DJ El3v8e - October 2018

If there’s one thing this podcast has been consistent about, it’s been going beyond its two-hour run time. Dave is this month’s sole culprit. His opening set is a blistering 95 minutes. Moving from house to techno and back, the groove just never stops. The guest mix this month was originally to be DiCristino, but […]