more than 300 releases and counting!

We’ve been pumping out unique house and techno for your soul since 2010. That’s over 300 delicious releases so far. All of our releases can be found on the major digital stores, but we favor Beatport. We also have a few physical releases in our merch shop.

REcent Releases

Physical Music

We’re starting to put out some physical CDs. Vinyl may come down the road if the CDs sell well.  

Afterhours 4 Mix CD

Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4 [Limited Edition, Collectible CD]

Recently, Dave rediscovered a box with the only remaining copies of these CDs. Due to contractual obligations, we can’t put a collector’s price on these, but you can later if you want to resell. We’re just charging enough to cover packing and shipping costs. So… without further fanfare, here is Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4.

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