EP 108 | MicFreak (February 2019)


This month on Uniquely Yours, Dave opens with a killer track selection from Lost on You, CLAP, Delicious Recordings, Audiowhore Records and more as well as a few upcoming tracks from MK837’s new Come Play with Us compilation which hits stores on February 15th.

Following Dave’s opening set is a guest mix from Baltimore, MD’s own Micfreak. He’s the owner of Funktrap Records as well as a long-standing artist with MK837. He’s recently made inroads with labels like Chub Rub, ToneDef, Monoside and DJ Spen’s own Unquantized. This month, he has a new single out on MK837 as well as his first artist album out on Unquantized.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Perihelion (Original Mix)Haze-M, Rafael Cerato [Lost on You]
  2. Your Life (Original Mix)Bogard [MK837]
  3. Bahia II (Original Mix)Stiven Escarraga [CLAP]
  4. Somebody Say PrayerAmuse [MK837]
  5. Mars Needs Women (Original Mix) Sharam Jey, Jean Bacarreza [Delicious Recordings]
  6. Somebody (Martin Ikin Remix)Steven Cee [Audiowhore Records]
  7. CathedralTamara Padrao [Twisted Frued Recordings]
  8. Komet (Original Mix) – Peter Groskreutz [Magic Hand Records]
  9. The Warehouse (Original Mix) – Patrick Dandoczi [Shodan Records]
  10. Nitrogen Brainsetter [MK837]
  11. The Things I Tell You (Josh Butler Remix)Miguel Campbell [Neon Record]
  12. How I Love YouNick Elle [MK837]

Hour 2: Micfreak

  1. Church Lady (Souldynamic Organ Dub) Dennis Ferrer [King Street Sounds]
  2. Vamonos Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  3. Africa Workout Micfreak [unquantized]
  4. Everything I Wanted feat. Charlotte OC (Yoruba Soul Mix) Jazz nova, Osunlade [Defected]
  5. Sunday Shoutin’ – Johnny Corporate [4th Floor]
  6. Honey Pot (Enrico BSJ Ferrari Jackin Remix)Maurid [Traktoria]
  7. Come Into My Room (Dub)Sandy Rivera, LT Brown [Defected]
  8. Do You Remember House (Solid Groove Remix) Blaze, Palmer Brown [Slip N Slide Records]
  9. Everytime Micfreak [unquantized]

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 108 | February 2019 | Guest DJ: Micfreak

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