EP 107 | Francisco Samuel (January 2019)

It’s our inaugural show on Data Transmission Radio. We’ve been doing this as a podcast for a while, but we’ve taken a leap of faith and joined the Data Transmission team. If you’re looking for some unique house and techno, that’s what we aim to provide every second Saturday. Hour one will always be a set from MK837’s label manager, Dave Richards while hour two will feature a set from one of his many friends.

This month, we’ve got Francisco Samuel whose latest release, Fly by Night/Groove of the Record, is out on Beatport now and climbing the tech house release chart. You’ll hear some of that as well as many new tracks from MK837, SETA, Stazis, Frission Records and more.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Je Veux DanserBeatype [SETA Label]
  2. FreefallinAmetisto [Hooligan Groove]
  3. MoondanceJ Lauda [MK837]
  4. House MakerKrampelli [MK837]
  5. Everything (Extended Mix)Greg Gold & Gomson [Cherry Pepper Music]
  6. Stay in House (Samuel Zamora Remix)Micfreak [MK837]
  7. Planet NineBogard [MK837]
  8. That VibeTony Romanello [Poolside Recordings]
  9. Ancient Days (Bklyn Live Mix)DiCristino [MK837]
  10. You are Mined.I.M. [Stazis]
  11. Acid From The Orient Atesh K. [Regular Beats Records]
  12. Always Grey (Izan Remix)Fairie [Frission Records]
  13. IntenseFolgatto [Sonambulos Music]

Hour 2: Francisco Samuel

  1. Ahi VamosTomy Wahl [Deported Music]
  2. Push It (Synth Version)Ben Grunnell [Familia]
  3. La DominicanaFrancisco Samuel [Unreleased]
  4. Katrina (Manu Desrets, LondonGround Remix)Marko Zalazar [Family Partner]
  5. Another TimeGeorge Privatti, Guille Placencia [Playmobil]
  6. Loosy GooseyFrancisco Samuel [MK837]
  7. Mercury Bassel Darwish [YAYA Records]
  8. Eso Y Mas (Humberto Ayala Rework) – Carla Morrison
  9. Way Out Joe Red, Oscar Mula [NOEXCUSE Limited]
  10. Get Chu Home – Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  11. A Soul ThingIlary Montanari [Klaphouse Records]
  12. Groove of the RecordFrancisco Samuel [MK837]
  13. Mine Josu Freira [Be One Records]
  14. StimulusKrampelli [MK837]
UY107 | FrancsicoSamuel (January2019)

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