MOVE 22: Fall Sampler
37 DAYS OF MK837

MK837 has had a massive year when it comes to both the new music we’ve released and some of our classics. Catch up on what you’ve been missing with our Spotify playlist or by directly supporting our artists on Beatport. These 37 tracks are not to be missed.

37 Days of MK837
MOVE 22: Fall Sampler

Kick fall off with ten unique tracks on us. From progressive and organic house to minimal / deep tech to tech house and beyond, MOVE 22: Fall 2022 Sampler has everything you need to get your fall started right. These are some of the many chart toppers, the slow burners, and the undiscovered gems of MK837. Try them out. Trust us, they’re good for your soul.

Move 22: Fall 2022 Sampler
Bad Dancer – Take It Back
New Release
Bad Dancer – Take It Back

It's time to get weird up in here. Bad Dancer will be your tour guide today for everything groovy and weird. He's gonna help you take the dancefloor back with a deep groovy baseline and quirky percussion. But wait, what's that weird synth? I have no idea, but I do know you dig it. So, let's all Take It Back with Bad Dancer.

EP 504 | NOVEMBER 2022
MK837 Presents Uniquely Yours
EP 504 | NOVEMBER 2022

Dave is back behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic again this month. This month’s set brings you the latest from MK837 as well as promos from Like That Underground, Feel Hype, Dirty Bird, Caddyshack Records, iSH and more. It’s a solid mix that begs to be played over and over. Don’t let it down.

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Uniquely Yours


Each month, MK837’s label boss, Dave Richards, brings you some of the most unique house and techno out today. Each show bristles with upcoming MK837 tracks, the latest promos from deserving labels and some classic tracks or soon to be classics from Dave’s collection. 


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