Episode 110 | Bogard (April 2019)


This month, Dave starts off the show by correcting an oversight on his part. He never properly introduced his label, MK837. So, he corrects that with a showcase of MK837’s talent and catalog. Following that, Bogard takes over for his guest set. This time out, our Romanian friend who lives in London showcases his own unique talent as well. Lastly, Dave lets you in on how to get some free music from MK837. Hint: Go to mk837.com.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. MoondanceJ Lauda [MK837]
  2. French Dancer (MicFreak Remix)Emma Ruggers [MK837]
  3. HigherFrancisco Samuel [MK837]
  4. Time to Leave (Original Mix)Dave Richards [MK837]
  5. Don’t Move (Original Mix)Dave Richards [MK837]
  6. Ancient Days (Bklyn Live Mix)DiCristino [MK837]
  7. Stay in House (Krampelli Remix)Micfreak [MK837]
  8. Got LoveBrainsetter [MK837]
  9. House Maker (Francisco Samuel Remix)Krampelli [MK837]
  10. Pure in Heart (Original Mix)Amuse [MK837]
  11. The Light (Dave Richards’ 6 AM Remix)J Lauda [MK837]

Hour 2: Bogard

  1. Club ThemeBogard [MK837]
  2. Dope OneBogard [MK837]
  3. Groovy BusinessBogard [MK837]
  4. LeopardBogard [MK837]
  5. Planet NineBogard [MK837]
  6. Mvmt 11Bogard [Chola Records Group]
  7. HindiBogard [Unreleased]
  8. OumuamuaBogard [MK837]
  9. The ExpertBogard [Unreleased]
  10. PumpzaBogard [MK837]
  11. Eight PmBogard [Vertigo Audio Records]
  12. VolumeBogard [MK837]
  13. Pure In Heart (Bogard Remix) – Amuse [MK837]
  14. GangBogard [Unreleased]
MK837 presents Uniquely Yours Episode 110 | April 2019 | Guest DJ: Bogard

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