Episode 111 | May 2019 | Guest DJ: J Lauda


Dave Richards is back with another set of unique tracks, handpicked just for you. Yes, you. In his opening set, you’ll hear tracks from Audio Safari, Amber Recordings, Twisted Freud Recordings and more. Dave also showcases a few new tracks from MK837, including his newest “Love & Grace” which released today.

Our guest DJ for the month is Buffalo, NY’s own J Lauda. We’ve been working with him under various names for several years now. His work is best described as a blurring between late 90’s progressive house and modern deep house. His latest release “The Light” continues in that vein with an easy, breezy poolside track that’s ready for your Spring and Summer parties. We hope you enjoy his set this month.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. La Mare (Horatio Intro Edit)Suie Paparude [Unreleased]
  2. Fernost (Original Mix)Ming (GER) & Amanic [Audio Safari]
  3. Peach (Original Mix)George Perry [Amber Recordings]
  4. MeteoStorm (Original Mix)cosmoCat [Stazis]
  5. Speedway (Original Mix)Cyrius [Twisted Freud Recordings]
  6. Darth Vader (Original Mix)Reza Golroo [Poolside X]
  7. Sahara (Original Mix)Storm [Total Freedom Recordings]
  8. Kuiper Belt (Original Mix)Bogard [MK837]
  9. Truth (Original Mix)Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  10. Love & Grace (Original Mix)Dave Richards [MK837]
  11. Rock the House (Original Mix)Frankie Volo & Stefano Cioffi [Conic Records]

Hour 2: J Lauda

  1. Radiance J Lauda [MK837]
  2. The White CityKamilo Sanckimente [Perspectives Digital]
  3. LanarkaSébastien Léger [Lost & Found]
  4. CarolinaKhen [Lost & Found]
  5. Yellow FogEli Nissan [Plattenbank]
  6. I Go I Go (Undercatt Remix)Bookashade & Kaktus Einarsson [Blaufield Music]
  7. Love & Grace (J Lauda Remix)Dave Richards [MK837]
  8. Velvet Afternoon (Karmon Remix)Chicola [Lost & Found]
  9. EidotheaMatan Caspi & E’sh – [Outtalimits]
  10. The Light (Original Mix)J Lauda [MK837]
Uniquely Yours | Ep 111 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

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