EP 105 | DiCristino (November 2018)

Uniquely Yours has returned with it’s fifth episode. This month Dave goes tribal with his opening mix, gives his take on the latest version of Traktor Pro and gives you a bit of a preview of Emma Rugger’s upcoming release on MK837, “French Dancer.”

Our guest mix this month is from one of MK837’s latest, but already well established artists, DiCristino of Brooklyn. If you’re into minimal / deep tech, then you have probably already seen several of his releases floating around in the charts. His latest release with MK837, Ancient Days is out now on Beatport and the various streaming services.

DiCristino’s set this month is a real treat. Rather than doing the standard DJ set, DiCristino put together a live performance of his favorite tracks.

Between Dave’s tribal set and DiCristino’s live PA, this is one truly unique audiological experience.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Travelers (Original Mix)Daniel Nicoara [Shodan Records]
  2. Swerve (Original Mix)Fiin [Younan Music]
  3. El Sueño Martina Camargo (Original Mix)Martina Camargo, Dennis Cruz [Moon Harbour Recordings]
  4. Serotonin (So.undso Remix)CHARNAUX [Amber Recordings]
  5. Slow (Original Mix)Nigel Mack, Rolan Foster [Pixbae Records]
  6. Esa Boca Linda (Original Mix)Wally Lopez, MYNC [iCompilations]
  7. Back from Outer Space (Original Mix)Son of 8 [8 House Records]
  8. Music Is (Original Mix)Andrea Giungo [Rebellious]
  9. Raise Your Hands (Shadow Child Instrumental Update)Reel 2 Real [Positiva]
  10. DK House (Original Mix)Dvit Bousa [Vamos Music]
  11. 22-22 (Original Mix)Aldo Haydar [BuenaMusica Recordings]
  12. Arguments (Original Mix)Stefano Noferini [Deeperfect Records]
  13. Movement (Original Mix)Kareem Martin [Deeplife Records]

Hour 2: DiCristino

  1. Talking About DiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  2. RUOKDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  3. Move Ur FeetDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  4. What Is EnergyDiCristino [NOReduction]
  5. StructureDiCristino [Heavy]
  6. Simple Minded DiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  7. Keep the FaithDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  8. Ancient DaysDiCristino [MK837]
  9. 4GetDaPastDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  10. EyeminhawighDiCristino [MK837]
  11. ImmaculateDiCristino [MK837]
  12. Choose WiselyDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  13. Fear No EvilDiCristino [Global305 Music]
  14. Old DayzDiCristino [Global305 Music]
  15. Time Is NearDiCristino [Electrified Mindz Records]
  16. MaracaiboDiCristino [OpenBar Music]

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