EPISODE 112 | June 2019 | GUEST DJ: Tonal Grooves


If you’ve been following Uniquely Yours from the beginning, you should know that we’ve been doing this for a year now. The past six months on Data Transmission Radio have been great and we’re looking forward to continuing here, but officially this is our birthday show. Happy Birthday to the unique!

In hour one this month, Dave brings a fiery mix of tribal and tech house with just a hint of deep house to start us off. Hour two focuses on another one of MK837’s artists. This time, it’s Tonal Grooves. We haven’t heard much from him lately, but he’s still a master at weaving progressive house with breaks all while layering in tribal influences.

If you’re looking for a show to kick off your summer, make it this one. You know we did!

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. One Musica Deep Dementure [MK837]
  2. Love Is on the House (4am Dub) HiFi Sean [Club Sweat]
  3. Afrodesia (Original Mix) Anthony Attalla [Stereo Productions]
  4. Sarapoo (Original Mix) Wally Lopez & Level Groove [Toolroom]
  5. We Get High (Extended Mix) DJ Mes & Rescue [Glasgow Underground]
  6. No Idea (Original Mix) JBZ & Antonio Estrada [Nervous Records]
  7. Would You (Extended Mix) Zombie Nation & Craig Williams [Club Sweat]
  8. Freak (Original Mix) Eskuche [Relief]
  9. Pushin Beats (Original Mix) Dakar & Tim Baresko [La Pera Records]
  10. Leopard (Krampelli Remix) Bogard [MK837]
  11. Bantua (Original Mix) DJ Wady & Dvit Bousa [Caballero Recordings]
  12. Oldskull (Original Mix) David Herrero [Great Stuff Recordings]

Hour 2: Tonal Grooves

  1. Deeper Feeling (DJ Luceent & Tonal Grooves Remix)Francisco Samuel [Funktrap Records]
  2. Space Taste (Original Mix) DJ Lucent & Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  3. There It Is (Original Mix)DJ Lucent & Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  4. Sky Dub (Original Mix) Tonal Grooves [MK837]
  5. Iberica (Original Mix)DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Southern Exposure Music]
  6. Directive Prime (Tonal Grooves Deep Space Remix) Raskal [Southern Exposure Music]
  7. Lucid Dreams (Tonal Grooves Deep Sleep Remix)Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  8. People Underground (Tonal Grooves Deep Tech Dub) Netzik [MK837]
  9. Brighter Days (Tonal Groves Space Tech Remix)Deep Technicians [Rebellious]
  10. Increase the Frequency (Original Mix) Tonal Grooves [Southern Exposure Music]
  11. Ghost Guitar (Original Mix) DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Southern Exposure Music]
  12. Power Chord (Original Mix) DJ Comstock & Tonal Grooves [Southern Exposure Music]

Uniquely Yours | Ep 112 | June 2019 | Guest DJ: Tonal Grooves

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