2019 has been a massive year for MK837. It was our 9th year in existence and a year where we saw several of our artists spread their wings to work with some larger names and labels. We’ve always been proud of our music and this year is no different. MK2019 showcases the best of what we are and what we represent – unique house and techno for your soul. Thanks so much for your support.


  • “J Lauda the Light the best songs of the year IMO for your label, loved em.”
    DJ Samer (Pangea Recordings / Stellar Fountain / Segment Records)
  • “Nice V.A.! Thanks for the music.”
    Tribetech (M Trax / Fx Recordings / Stage Records)
  • “Nice track. Thx for the music!”
    Pietro Cau (Beat Circus Records / Bosom Records / Bandaid Records)
  • “Really nice collection.”
    BeroK (Dlmpsoundrecordings)
  • “Very good! Thx!”
    Franco Tejedor (Stellar Fountain Records / Massive Harmony Records / Underground)
  • “Lots of great tracks. Thanks.”
    Ed Flow (Soultrade Records / Unusual Sound / Broken Records / Black Mamba)
  • “Nice VA Sampler!”
    Hermann Hesse (DrumTunnel Records)
  • “Congrats to another great year.”
    John Vella (Sugar Shack Radio)
  • “Full support!! I will play this soon, thanks!!!”
    Alfonso Dominguez (PDJR / Rapsodia Records / Indalo Records)
  • “Nice music, thanks.”
     – Priya Sen (Modern Agenda / Stripped Digital / Emotional Content Recordings)
  • “Very good pack thanks!”
    George Marvel (Nocturne on Frisky Radio)
  • “Real nice blend of tracks. I just wish there was more techno. Some great tunes to use.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Love & Grace, Groovy Biz. All nice tracks!”
    Luis Gonzales (Connected Language on AH.FM)
  • “Excellent and varied pack. I love it, thanks!”
    Lucas Rodriguez (BQ Recordings / Just Movement / Droid9)
  • “Lots of good stuff here quite hard to pick one favourite.”
    DJ HMC (Club Vibez Radio)