We’re continuing to pass on Mark’s recommendations for both meats and beats this month with Mark’s Prime Cuts: 02 | Tomahawk. This time around, not only do we have a tasty steak recommendation that comes with its own handle, but 5 tasty tracks from around the globe including Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. […]



2022 has finally come to an end. It’s been an amazing year. The festivals and clubs are roaring back as is the music. Through the pandemic, MK837 never stopped the music. We pressed on and we’ve made great strides as a label. Our best strides in 2022 are represented here. MK2022 is a mix of […]

Bogard (UK) – Ouch Ouch

Bogard (UK) is one of our secret weapons. If you’re looking for something that can span genres, change the mood or just break up a monotonous moment in you set, he’s one of the best to go to. Creativity oozes from his tracks.

This time around, Bogard brings a huge groovy analog baseline to the table along with some great tribal rhythms and massive stabs. Evolving over time, Ouch Ouch is a great combination of modern house with a bit of a disco and maybe a bit of an acid jazz vibe. You can’t go wrong with it.

EP 404 | October 2021

We’re clearly deep into fall now and a third of the way through our fourth season now. This month Dave presses forward with some amazing new tracks from MK837 and fist full of promos worthy of your attention. Buckle up and get your dancing shoes on… or whatever you do, because this is one for […]

EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours rolls on. This month Dave brings you a stellar mix that starts out more on the progressive house tip and moves solidly on beyond that to some amazing minimal / deep tech and tech house. Expect to hear tracks from Jozef K, Winter Son, J Lauda, Satoshi Fumi, Silverfilter Miss Monique and many […]

EP 310 | April 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 310 | April 2021

Welcome back to another Uniquely Yours on Proton Radio. Last month, Dave showcased a bunch of recent and upcoming MK837 tracks. This month we’re back largely to the normal schedule of some of the best promos and new releases from a host of artist and labels as well as what’s hot this month from MK837.

Various Artists – MK2019


THE COMPANY LINE 2019 has been a massive year for MK837. It was our 9th year in existence and a year where we saw several of our artists spread their wings to work with some larger names and labels. We’ve always been proud of our music and this year is no different. MK2019 showcases the […]

Episode 205 | November 2019 | Guest DJ: Harvest

Episode 205 | November 2019 | Guest DJ: Harvest

Intro: Funny things happen when you resort the tracks on Beatport to oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest. In Dave’s case, he found out that Beatport’s database shows the first tech house track is from 1970! Obviously, something is wrong at Beatport, but he runs with it anyway in his set. Also, his […]


Bogard - Input | Output

THE COMPANY LINE Audio is generated through a series of inputs and outputs. With each step in the process, the audio is changed. New sounds are added. Frequencies are sculpted. Volume is adjusted. Filtering happens somewhere. In the end, you’re taking a leopard and turning him into a lion. The purpose is a perfect expression […]

Bogard – Leopard


The Company Line: Once again Bogard has snuck up on us with a new release. This time around he brought along a friend with a remix. His latest single is Leopard and it’s deep and techy house, just like mama makes it. His friend on the remix is New York’s own Krampelli who is himself […]

Episode 111 | May 2019 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | Ep 111 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Intro: Dave Richards is back with another set of unique tracks, handpicked just for you. Yes, you. In his opening set, you’ll hear tracks from Audio Safari, Amber Recordings, Twisted Freud Recordings and more. Dave also showcases a few new tracks from MK837, including his newest “Love & Grace” which released today. Our guest DJ […]

Bogard – Kuiper / Business


The Company Line Bogard keeps rolling on with new music. If you missed his past releases, that was probably a mistake. From melodic techno to deep house this guy has done it all. His latest release with us Kuiper / Business is no exception. Both melodic house tracks keep the bass rollin’ and the atmosphere […]