Samuel Zamora & Yered Ponce – Compasión

Samuel Zamora & Yered Ponce - Compasión

Our first release this year comes from the dynamic duo of Samuel Zamora and Yered Ponce. This tech house groover aims to move you and spark your compassion for others. Filled with haunting vocals and underground vibes this primetime track is ready to take your set to the next level. So… what are you waiting […]



It’s been another banner year for unique house and techno here at MK837. We’ve had so many great releases and now it’s time for our annual look back at some of our favorites. We’ve also got two brand new tracks here for you as well. First up is Space Native’s Mixed Signals. This is a great melodic house and techno track to kick off the compilation. Next up is RMRC’s Fancy (Instrumental Mix). It’s yet another example of what deep house was meant to be.

EP 601 | August 2023 (Extended Mix)

EP 601 | August 2023 - Extended Mix

Dave Returns to the wheels of plastic and aluminum! Since he’s been absent from them for a while, he’s taking a look back at some of our recent releases and a look forward to what’s just about to drop. It’s an all MK837 show, so step right up and get some unique house and techno for your soul!



We’re continuing to pass on Mark’s recommendations for both meats and beats this month with Mark’s Prime Cuts: 02 | Tomahawk. This time around, not only do we have a tasty steak recommendation that comes with its own handle, but 5 tasty tracks from around the globe including Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. […]

EP 508 | March 2023

Uniquely Yours | EP 508 | March 2023

Dave’s back on the wheels of aluminum and plastic! He’s been AWOL for far too long, so it’s time to catch up on the latest releases from MK837. That’s not all Dave’s got cooked up for you though. He’s bringing new music from Lenz, Anton Bykov, Odeum, Music P, Marque Aurel, Odette, and Audio Analysts. […]

Mark’s Prime Cuts: 01 | Porterhouse

Mark's Prime Cuts: 01 | Porterhouse

We’re starting a new year with a new series. Most of you may not realize it, but our A&R work is done by Mark. Mark is our ever-faithful winged lion mascot and well… he has impeccable taste. He’s also recently opened his own butcher shop and well… things are really starting to take off there. […]



2022 has finally come to an end. It’s been an amazing year. The festivals and clubs are roaring back as is the music. Through the pandemic, MK837 never stopped the music. We pressed on and we’ve made great strides as a label. Our best strides in 2022 are represented here. MK2022 is a mix of […]

Episode 302 | August 2020 | Guest DJ: Samuel Zamora

Uniquely Yours | EP 302 | August 2020 | Guest DJ: Samuel Zamora

Intro: This month on Uniquely Yours, Dave kicks things off with a new mix featuring some new and upcoming MK837 releases including Bence K!SS’ “No 9-5” which recently broke into Beatport’s Tech House Top 100. In the second half of the show, Samuel Zamora returns to the decks of plastic and aluminum and delivers a […]

Yered Ponce – The Beginning (Samuel Zamora Remix)

Yered Ponce - The Beginning (Samuel Zamora Remix)

The Company Line: If you like techno and you missed Yered’s original mix a few weeks ago, here’s your chance at the remix. Building on the power and force of the original, Samuel Zamora comes in and takes The Beginning up to an 11. From the Tastemakers: “Great remix with Zamora on deck; straight solid […]

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Original Mix)

Coco Streeet & Samuel Zamora - Warrior (Original Mix)

The Company Line: Last month we reintroduced you to a name we’ve been following and working with for years, Coco Street. When it comes to house vocals, she’s one diva you need to know about. She recently teamed up with our man Samuel Zamora to produce Warrior – a bold new house track with massive […]

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Dub Mix)

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora - Warrior (Dub Mix)

What happens when a vocal house diva named Coco Street teams up with Samuel Zamora? You get a war cry of a techno track. That’s what. Play this one loud and proud. It’s coming at you like flood waters from a breaking dam in a canyon. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in this one’s way.

Episode 208 | February 2020 | Guest DJ: MIGUEL MONTEZ a.k.a. Teckaiser

In this month’s show, Dave introduces you to the upcoming
MK837 releases for February and then slides into a groove featuring tracks from
Total Freedom, Moscow Tunes, Brain Pain, Slightly Sizzled and more.

Hour two features a set from Barcelona’s own Miguel Montez
aka Teckaiser. As an artist, he’s been releasing with us since almost the very
beginning. His sound ranges from the deep and techie to progressive sides of
house and techno. As a Dj, he’s shared the stage with Trentemoller, Danny
Howells, Andy Moor, Steve Lawler and more.