EP 507 | February 2023 | Guest Mix: Pirdo

Uniquely Yours | EP 507 | February 2023 | Guest Mix: Pirdo

Dave wasn’t available this month again to belt out a mix, so we’ve got a special treat for you instead. Give a hardy welcome to your selector this month, Pirdo. Hailing from Argentina, Pirdo had at it since his teen years.His first release with us was back in December. His Emerald Bay is a deep house / progressive house masterpiece that everyone should check out. Now, just sit back and relax. Pirdo will be taking over from here for the next hour.

EP 506 | January 2023

EP 506 | January 2023

As always, December was a very busy month. Dave was deep into plotting MK837’s path through 2023 and didn’t have a moment to fire up the wheels of plastic and aluminum. That said, Dave did have a killer set from earlier this year that aired on the Nu Soul Radio Show with Coco Street & Eddie Amador. So please enjoy this guest mix from earlier in 2022.



2022 has finally come to an end. It’s been an amazing year. The festivals and clubs are roaring back as is the music. Through the pandemic, MK837 never stopped the music. We pressed on and we’ve made great strides as a label. Our best strides in 2022 are represented here. MK2022 is a mix of […]

Francisco Samuel – The Breaks

Francisco Samuel - The Breaks

Francisco Samuel continues to pump out gold from his studio. The Breaks strips down his usual tech house sound for a more minimal / deep tech one. Lush pads over solid jacking percussion get accented here by some beautifully chopped vocal stabs. Is this tech house, jacking house, minimal / deep tech or just plain […]

EP 403 | September 2021

It’s hard to believe that it’s September now and summer is waving goodbye to us in the rearview mirror as we speed ever faster toward the end of 2021. If ANYBODY wants to say 2022 will be better, please shut up before you ruin it. 2021 hasn’t all been bad, but let’s not fool ourselves, […]

EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours rolls on. This month Dave brings you a stellar mix that starts out more on the progressive house tip and moves solidly on beyond that to some amazing minimal / deep tech and tech house. Expect to hear tracks from Jozef K, Winter Son, J Lauda, Satoshi Fumi, Silverfilter Miss Monique and many […]

EP 310 | April 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 310 | April 2021

Welcome back to another Uniquely Yours on Proton Radio. Last month, Dave showcased a bunch of recent and upcoming MK837 tracks. This month we’re back largely to the normal schedule of some of the best promos and new releases from a host of artist and labels as well as what’s hot this month from MK837.

Dave Richards – Secrets of Life

Dave Richards - Secrets of Life

The Company Line: Dave returns with a new hybrid deep progressive tech track focused on one of the deepest secrets of life. Usually, taking life advice from Dave might not be the best idea or option, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. Apply with caution but consider the ramifications if you don’t. From […]

Francisco Samuel – Questions

Francisco Samuel - Questions

The Company Line: Francisco is back to his old tricks again and oh are they good! Once again, the master has brought us a diamond in the rough so to speak. Question is a fusion of classic house, old skool hip-hop and modern tech house. The groove is strong with this one. Just let yourself […]

Francisco Samuel – Pendergrass On

Francsisco Samuel – Pendergrass On

The Company Line Francisco Samuel has long been a favorite of ours. His blend of tech house with 80’s samples is beyond brilliant. Every nu skool sound is paired with a bit of the old skool. Pendergrass On is a prime example of this. It’s an homage to the great Teddy Pendergrass and well… that […]

Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel

Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel

Intro: Welcome to May. It’s also Dave’s birthday. Happy birthday to him. This month we’ve got a slew of new tracks for you plus a special mix from Francisco Samuel of New York. It’s been a while since Francisco provided us with a mix and this one will not disappoint. It comes fully loaded with […]