Various Artists – MK2019


THE COMPANY LINE 2019 has been a massive year for MK837. It was our 9th year in existence and a year where we saw several of our artists spread their wings to work with some larger names and labels. We’ve always been proud of our music and this year is no different. MK2019 showcases the […]

Tonal Grooves – Make Me Dance / Future People


The Company Line It’s been a while since we checked in with Atlanta’s Tonal Grooves. The good news though is that he’s back and ready to take over your stereo. Make Me Dance is a departure from his usual breaks influenced, progressive house style. Going darker, harder and more underground, this melodic house and techno […]

EPISODE 112 | June 2019 | GUEST DJ: Tonal Grooves

Uniquely Yours | Ep 112 | June 2019 | Guest DJ: Tonal Grooves

Intro: If you’ve been following Uniquely Yours from the beginning, you should know that we’ve been doing this for a year now. The past six months on Data Transmission Radio have been great and we’re looking forward to continuing here, but officially this is our birthday show. Happy Birthday to the unique! In hour one […]