EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Life’s been plenty busy lately in MK837 world, so Dave asked progressive house guru, J Lauda, to step in for June’s Uniquely Yours. J Lauda has been a longtime friend and artist of the label. Lately, he’s been having success with a host of labels including SLC-6, Soundteller, Manual Music, Krafted Underground and more.

EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours | EP 311 | May 2021

Uniquely Yours rolls on. This month Dave brings you a stellar mix that starts out more on the progressive house tip and moves solidly on beyond that to some amazing minimal / deep tech and tech house. Expect to hear tracks from Jozef K, Winter Son, J Lauda, Satoshi Fumi, Silverfilter Miss Monique and many […]

Amuse – Good Shepard

Amuse - Good Shepard

The Company Line: Moving back into the deep and groovy, we have another track from the deep house master, Amuse. Never at a loss for a groove, Amuse masterfully lays down a tribal influenced, rolling baseline that keeps the fat jiggling in all the right places. It’s the percussion here that is truly the star […]

Dave Richards – After Midnight (J Lauda Remix)

Dave Richards - After Midnight (J Lauda Remix)

The Company Line: Earlier this year, Dave Richards released After Midnight. The track shot up Beatport’s Deep House Hype Top 100 chart and was featured not once, but twice as a deep house Hype Pick by Beatport. Give the success of the track, we turned the loops over to J Lauda for a solid progressive […]

Episode 208 | February 2020 | Guest DJ: MIGUEL MONTEZ a.k.a. Teckaiser

In this month’s show, Dave introduces you to the upcoming
MK837 releases for February and then slides into a groove featuring tracks from
Total Freedom, Moscow Tunes, Brain Pain, Slightly Sizzled and more.

Hour two features a set from Barcelona’s own Miguel Montez
aka Teckaiser. As an artist, he’s been releasing with us since almost the very
beginning. His sound ranges from the deep and techie to progressive sides of
house and techno. As a Dj, he’s shared the stage with Trentemoller, Danny
Howells, Andy Moor, Steve Lawler and more.

J Lauda – The Light (Noel Sanger Remix)

J Lauda - The Light (Noel Sanger Remix)

It’s now 2020 and J Lauda’s future is looking bright. To celebrate his newly found success, we reached out to another legend for a fresh take on “The Light”. Who better to bring new life to this track than the one and only, Noel Sanger. Noel bring his own special touch as he brings a bit of romance into his expertly crafted remix.

Various Artists – MK2019


THE COMPANY LINE 2019 has been a massive year for MK837. It was our 9th year in existence and a year where we saw several of our artists spread their wings to work with some larger names and labels. We’ve always been proud of our music and this year is no different. MK2019 showcases the […]

Nick & Jhosselyn – Just Stay


Nick Elle returns to MK837 with a stellar new romantic deep house track he wrote with his fiancé, Jhosselyn. Just Stay is a perfect choice for those afterhours sets or even the final days of summer as fall settles in for a while.



The Company Line: Venture deep into the jungles of the dancefloor with the artists of MK837. The crowd is packed in and dripping with sweat. The temperature is constantly on the rise and the mist in the air isn’t from hazers, foggers, or CO2 cannons. The bass is unforgiving, and the highs are soaring. The […]

Episode 111 | May 2019 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | Ep 111 | Guest DJ: J Lauda

Intro: Dave Richards is back with another set of unique tracks, handpicked just for you. Yes, you. In his opening set, you’ll hear tracks from Audio Safari, Amber Recordings, Twisted Freud Recordings and more. Dave also showcases a few new tracks from MK837, including his newest “Love & Grace” which released today. Our guest DJ […]

Dave Richards – Love & Grace


The Company Line An early influencer of Dave Richards was Steve Lawler. His Dark Drums 2 mix compilation was in Dave’s CD player for several years. That sound greatly influenced his own dark sound from his earliest productions through today. Love and Grace is a loose reflection of that early 2000’s influence. The driving toms, […]

J Lauda – The Light


The Company Line Buffalo, NY producer J Lauda is no stranger to MK837. We’ve been working with him under various names for several years now. His work is best described as a blurring between late 90’s progressive house and modern deep house. His latest release “The Light” continues in that vein with an easy, breezy […]