Audio is generated through a series of inputs and outputs. With each step in the process, the audio is changed. New sounds are added. Frequencies are sculpted. Volume is adjusted. Filtering happens somewhere. In the end, you’re taking a leopard and turning him into a lion. The purpose is a perfect expression of your soul and the desired result is to move others. Sure, art is all about self-expression, but if that art doesn’t communicate to others, it’s just more noise in the system. Music must be communicative.

Input | Output is Bogard’s twelfth release with MK837. It’s also his first full-length album. It marks a level of maturity in his sound and provides the listener with a solid journey though house, tech house and techno. This is his output from years of putting the hard work in honing his craft.

The final four tracks on the album are collaborations with Ukrainian artist LalidA. This hauntingly retro tracks will take you back to the days of warehouse raves in the late 90’s.

So here it is in all its glory – Bogard’s Input | Output. An album should be an adventure, a series of outputs derived from inputs, a journey and that’s exactly what Bogard has delivered.