EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Life’s been plenty busy lately in MK837 world, so Dave asked progressive house guru, J Lauda, to step in for June’s Uniquely Yours. J Lauda has been a longtime friend and artist of the label. Lately, he’s been having success with a host of labels including SLC-6, Soundteller, Manual Music, Krafted Underground and more. And without further ado, here’s J Lauda.


  1. Dave Richards – Pray For You [MK837]
  2. J Lauda – Rehobeth (Soundteller)
  3. Victor Crain – Crystals [Massive Harmony]
  4. Ric Niels – Pirate [Proportion]
  5. J Lauda – Ceres [Soundteller]
  6. J Lauda – Magellan [Soundteller]
  7. J Lauda – Neutron [Manual Music]
  8. J Lauda & Daniela Rhodes – Reminiscence [Krafted Music]
  9. ID – ID
Uniquely Yours | EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

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