J Lauda’s “The Light” was a major break out track last year for the Buffalo, NY based DJ and producer. Everything this man has released has turned to gold. 2019 ended with him remixing the legend Higgins on Pangea. International DJ Mag had this to say about his remix: “But it was the J Lauda Remix with its steady chugging b-line, Eastern-tinged percussion and haunting vocal fragments that caught our ears the most.”

It’s now 2020 and J Lauda’s future is looking bright. To celebrate his newly found success, we reached out to another legend for a fresh take on “The Light”. Who better to bring new life to this track than the one and only, Noel Sanger. Noel bring his own special touch as he brings a bit of romance into his expertly crafted remix.


  • “Noel Sanger remix is perfect for me, thanks!”
     – Cream (Vantablak / Butcher Music / Existence Records)
  • “Great release. Love. Love.”
     – Lily Pita (Bedrock / Beatfreaks / Controlled Substance / Bonzai / ICONYC)
  • “Love the positive feel-good vibe of the original and Noel’s remix sounds great!”
    Darin Epsilon (Lost on You / Warung Recordings / Perspectives Digital)
  • “Noel Sanger’s remix is beautiful. Nice Journey… Nice EP… Thanks !”
    Amir Telem (Kindisch / Motek Music / Wanderlust Music)
  • “Noel Sanger with another beast here, always takes productions on a journey. Simply something I have to play on my sets. Thanks for sending!”
    Progressive House Worldwide
  • “Digging Noel’s take on this. Deep chugger with plenty of melody. Nice!”
    Andrew Best (Perspectives Digital / BC2 Records / 238W Inc)
  • “Noel Sanger remix is amazing.  Thank you!”
    Stas Drive (Beatfreak Recordings / Selador / Proton Music)
  • “Noel Sanger remix for me, thanks!”
    Baunder / Soundexile (Sudbeat Music / Pro B Tech Music / Neue Meister)
  • “Beautiful stuff this… full support from me.”
    Higgins (Pangea / Kragted Underground / Plethora Muzik)
  • “The Noel Sanger remix for me. Thank you.”
    Mark Craven (43 Degrees / Sudbeat / 3xA Music)
  •  “I hate this pick one stuff. All three are COMPLETELY different, which is marvelous! Noel’s is proper chugging quality Dave’s is a straight rhythm injection and the original sounds like a perfect track for a Cafe Del Mar mix! Great Ep. Support from 2Reels.”
    2Reels (Salt Records / Pro B Tech Music / Emotional Content)
  • “Nice work throughout. Noel’s remix has the edge for me, but they are all strong.”
  • “Great Remix, very good.”
    Andy Newland (Bedrock / Twisted Audio / Stripped / Lowbit / Mirablis)
  • “Dunno how a track can be both languid and uplifting, but this is. Beautiful chord progressions and a steady build.”
    Steve Boyett (Podrunner / Groovelectric)