Various Aritsts – Come Play with Us

Come Play With Us

The Company Line Come Play With Us is a new annual compilation from the team at MK837. We’re taking some hot new talent and pairing it with some of our most talented label veterans. The result is a stunningly diverse compilation with talent overflowing onto dancefloors across the globe. No matter what you’re looking for […]

Micfreak – Stay In House

Micfreak - Stay In House

The Company Line Micfreak had a busy year in 2018 with releases on Chub Rub, Monoside, Unquantize and more. We’re just glad to have him return to MK837 another great house release. Stay In House showcases Micfreak’s massive shift into a master house producer. It may be the middle of winter, but this track will […]

EP 107 | Francisco Samuel (January 2019)

UY107 | FrancsicoSamuel (January2019)

It’s our inaugural show on Data Transmission Radio. We’ve been doing this as a podcast for a while, but we’ve taken a leap of faith and joined the Data Transmission team. If you’re looking for some unique house and techno, that’s what we aim to provide every second Saturday. Hour one will always be a […]



The Company Line 2018 has been a banner year for MK837. To celebrate it, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane and looking back on some of our favorite tracks for the year. We’re even throwing in new remixes of J Lauda’s Resonance and Francisco Samuel’s Get Chu Home. If you haven’t heard anything from […]

Samuel Zamora & Dave Richards – Come On / I Got Jesus

Come On / I Got Jesus

The Company Line: Southern hospitality heads south of the border for our next release. Samuel Zamora (Mexico) and Dave Richards (Georgia) team up for a gospel techno hybrid release of epic proportions. First up is the tom driven monster “Come On”. Rolling baselines, overdriven vocal samples, swelling pads and a bouncing lead bring this track […]

Ep 104 | DJ El3v8e (October 2018)

Ep 104 | DJ El3v8e - October 2018

If there’s one thing this podcast has been consistent about, it’s been going beyond its two-hour run time. Dave is this month’s sole culprit. His opening set is a blistering 95 minutes. Moving from house to techno and back, the groove just never stops. The guest mix this month was originally to be DiCristino, but […]

Samuel Zamora – Shofar Dance

Shofar Dance

The Company Line This week we travel back to Mexico to see what our man Samuel Zamora is serving up. Turns out it’s a tasty tech house treat called Shofar Dance. Ethic horns, loud drums and stabs make up this prime mover’s sound. Micfreak follows the original up with a gospel inspired house mix made […]

Ep 101 | Dave Richards (July 2018)

We’re kicking off a new podcast this month hosted by Dave Richards. If you’ve been on a quest for some truly unique house and techno, this is the place. Each month Dave will bring you some of his favorite deep underground cuts, the latest from MK837 and starting next month, a guest mix from on […]

Dave Richards – Why Are You Here? / Time to Leave

Dave Richards - Why Are You Here?

Dave Richards is back with the first single from his mini album Strangest of Days. Why Are You Here? is a dark techno anthem worthy of attention. On remix duty is our man from Mexico, Samuel Zamora. Samuel transformed this techno stormer into a primetime tribal tech house epic.

As an added bonus, Dave has included the b-side Time to Leave. This progressive tech house track continues the theme of Why Are You Here? with haunting synth stabs, ambient noises and more.