Episode 207 | January 2020 | Guest DJ: Dave Richards


For our first episode of the year, Dave decides he’s the guest DJ and runs amok. Well… sorta. He’s feeling nostalgic, so he’s gone back 20 years into his archives to construct a classic progressive house set that would have melted faces back then and should continue to do so today. Come join Dave for a 90-minute romp through the past.

After that romp, Dave takes the last 30 minutes of the show to reveal some of MK837’s upcoming tracks including a remix from Noel Sanger, a new track from Micfreak and then two from Dave Richards himself and more.

Part 1: Classic Progressive House

  1. Syncronised Knowledge (Original Mix)Moonface [Bedrock Records]
  2. Better Make Room (James Holden Remix)Timo Maas & Mad Dogs [Silver Planet]
  3. Voices (Pete Heller Melodic Dub)KC Flightt & Funky Junction [Hooj Choons]
  4. Stealth (Way Out West Club Mix)Way Out West [Distinctive Records]
  5. Beautiful Strange (Voyager’s Platinum Mix)Bedrock [Bedrock Records]
  6. Twin Town (Original Mix)Ian Wilkie & Timo Maas [Hope Recordings]
  7. Roaches (Peace Division Remix)Trancesetters [Hooj Choons]
  8. Paradise (Red Jerry’s Longdubbyvocal Mix)Miro [Hooj Choons]
  9. Innocente (Falling In Love) (Deep Dish Gladiator II Remix) (Deep Dish Gladiator II Remix)Delerium [React]
  10. Groove Is In The Air (Unreleased Moonface Mix)Tijuana [Bedrock Records]
  11. Everytime (Nalin And Kane Mix)Lustral [Hooj Choons]
  12. Release (Lexicon Avenue Remix)Medway [Hooj Choons]
  13. Pushin Too Hard (Original Mix)Saints & Sinners [Bedrock Records]

Part 2: MK837’s 2020 Preview

  1. The Light (Noel Sanger Remix)J Lauda [MK837]
  2. After MidnightDave Richards [MK837]
  3. Keep Alert (Amuse Remix)Samuel Zamora [MK837]
  4. Praise HimDave Richards [MK837]
  5. Warm UpMicfreak [MK837]
Episode 207 | December 2020 | Guest DJ: Dave Richards

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