EP 601 | August 2023 (Extended Mix)

Dave Returns to the wheels of plastic and alumi)num! Since he’s been absent from them for a while, he’s taking a look back at some of our recent releases and a look forward to what’s just about to drop. It’s an all MK837 show, so step right up and get some unique house and techno for your soul!


  1. Past Deep Drops Me Crazy (Deep Dementure Remix) [MK837]
  2. Noise88Waves (Miguel Montez Remix) [MK837]
  3. Deep DementureWait for Me [MK837]
  4. Space NativePleasure Vessel [MK837]
  5. Dave RichardsIt’s Come to This [MK837]
  6. JohnescuSkyline [MK837]
  7. Jc MoralesAnnex [MK837]
  8. Masaharu The Way You Are [MK837]
  9. Donald TapiaSaved by His Grace [MK837]
  10. Samuel ZamoraContingo [MK837]
  11. Marcio aka DJ BatTouch [MK837]
  12. Denny Silverman, OlivaeRise of Angels [MK837]
  13. Past DeepDrops Me Crazy (Serwus Remix) [MK8377]
  14. PirdoParallel Wave [MK837]
  15. JohnescuTake Your Time (Dub Dub Mix) [MK837]
  16. Dave Richards I’ll Pray for You [MK837]
  17. Marcio aka DJ BatDoen [MK837]
  18. Francisco Samuel On the One [MK837]
  19. Space NativeFace the Music [MK837]
  20. Sampler (BA) Lost Anthem [MK837]
EP 601 | August 2023 - Extended Mix

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