Ep 304 | September 2020 | Guest DJ: Beatype

Intro To Rio we go for this month’s Uniquely Yours. Beatype is our guest this month. They’re a married DJ and producer couple with releases on 4 Quarters, Lemon Juice, Pure Enjoyment, Vnylside and coming soon on MK837. Opening as usual is Dave Richards who is happy 2020 is almost over, paranoid about the US […]

EPISODE 303 | September 2020 | GUEST DJ: JC Morales

Uniquely Yours | EP 303 | September 2020 | Guest DJ: JC Morales

This month we’ve got JC Morales on tap for a massive set in the second hour. He recently remixed Krampelli’s These Thoughts which came out earlier this year on MK837 and has literally stolen the show with it. Beatport has placed it on multiple editorial charts and it’s charting both in the Hype and Main […]

Episode 301 | July 2020 | Guest DJ: Krampelli

Episode 312 | July 2020 | Guest DJ: Krampelli

Intro: June has come and gone and literally kicked Dave up and down the street. It’s time for some personal R&R, but first we’ve got a show to do! Dave opens the show with a mostly tribal set that shouldn’t be missed. He then turns the reins over to a personal favorite, Krampelli! Simply put […]

Episode 212 | June 2020 | Guest DJ: JOFF.

Uniquely Yours | EP 212 | June 2020 | Guest DJ: JOFF.

Intro: It’s clear that this year will be one for the history books. With the recent turmoil in the States, it seems the whole world is watching how we will handle things. Dave gives a bit of his perspective on the subject and then dives quickly into a massive set worth several listens. Our guest […]

Dave Richards – Praise Him (Micfreak Remix)

Dave Richards - Praise Him (MicFreak Remix)

Ok, so here we are taking another look at Dave Richards’ Praise Him. This time around, we’ve pulled Micfreak in to give this track a makeover. He takes the original mix, sets it on fire, burns it to the ground and rebuilds it with a massive floor filling prime time vibe. This remix is much more than an upgrade, it’s a reenvisioning.

Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel

Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel

Intro: Welcome to May. It’s also Dave’s birthday. Happy birthday to him. This month we’ve got a slew of new tracks for you plus a special mix from Francisco Samuel of New York. It’s been a while since Francisco provided us with a mix and this one will not disappoint. It comes fully loaded with […]

Episode 210 | April 2020 | Guest DJ: Deep Dementure

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 210 | March 2020 | Guest DJ: Deep Dementure

Intro: We’re just going to say it. Times are weird and Dave feels the need to rant for a moment, but don’t worry the music is coming. Hope is coming too, so hang in there. Let a little steam off and hang on. Anyway, Dave brings you a solid mix of deep, tech, leftfield and […]

Amuse – Good Shepard

Amuse - Good Shepard

The Company Line: Moving back into the deep and groovy, we have another track from the deep house master, Amuse. Never at a loss for a groove, Amuse masterfully lays down a tribal influenced, rolling baseline that keeps the fat jiggling in all the right places. It’s the percussion here that is truly the star […]

Dave Richards – After Midnight (J Lauda Remix)

Dave Richards - After Midnight (J Lauda Remix)

The Company Line: Earlier this year, Dave Richards released After Midnight. The track shot up Beatport’s Deep House Hype Top 100 chart and was featured not once, but twice as a deep house Hype Pick by Beatport. Give the success of the track, we turned the loops over to J Lauda for a solid progressive […]


Dave Richards - Praise Him

THE COMPANY LINE: It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 10 years and 200 releases since MK837 first opened its doors. Over the years, we’ve had many of our releases chart, we’ve had several amazing features and we’ve done nothing but solidify a diverse and unique sound. We’re not a perfect label, but we’re the […]

Episode 208 | February 2020 | Guest DJ: MIGUEL MONTEZ a.k.a. Teckaiser

In this month’s show, Dave introduces you to the upcoming
MK837 releases for February and then slides into a groove featuring tracks from
Total Freedom, Moscow Tunes, Brain Pain, Slightly Sizzled and more.

Hour two features a set from Barcelona’s own Miguel Montez
aka Teckaiser. As an artist, he’s been releasing with us since almost the very
beginning. His sound ranges from the deep and techie to progressive sides of
house and techno. As a Dj, he’s shared the stage with Trentemoller, Danny
Howells, Andy Moor, Steve Lawler and more.

J Lauda – The Light (Noel Sanger Remix)

J Lauda - The Light (Noel Sanger Remix)

It’s now 2020 and J Lauda’s future is looking bright. To celebrate his newly found success, we reached out to another legend for a fresh take on “The Light”. Who better to bring new life to this track than the one and only, Noel Sanger. Noel bring his own special touch as he brings a bit of romance into his expertly crafted remix.