EP 609 | April 2024 | Guest Mix: Ayzk Rovshan

You’re in for a treat this month. Dave had to do a last-minute tear down of his studio so the floors could be repair (don’t ask). As a result, Ayzk Rovshan is taking over the wheels of aluminum and plastic. So get ready for an awesome guest mix that’s not to be missed from this former MK837 artist.

So, who is Ayzk Rovshan? Glad you asked!

Ayzk Rovshan, with over 14 years of experience behind the turntables and 6 years of crafting electronic music, has earned recognition in the Minimal House genre. His music has captivated audiences worldwide, performing in various countries such as Romania and Georgia. His collaborations with different music labels from around the world showcase his commitment to constantly evolving his creative work and standing out with his unique sound, while maintaining the highest quality standards.


  1. BaracPrima Editie Ilustrata
  2. Ayzk RovshanAlti
  3. So InagawaNo More Thrills (Dyed Soundorom’s Morning Mix)
  4. Ayzk RovshanHigh Look
  5. Pattern TuskRobin
  6. MacarieAtmosferiqua
  7. Ayzk RovshanSpoons
  8. AlexNimic si Totul (Plusculaar Remix)
  9. Surrender DisciplineCellular Line
  10. Alejandro MossoHornet (YokoO Remix)
  11. Ayzk RovshanBreak Dub
  12. ElectricanoOnnanoko
  13. Ayzk RovshanDavam
  14. Silat Beksi – Disco Evening
Uniquely Yours | EP 609 | April 2004 | Guest Mix: Ayzk Rovshan

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