EP 605 | December 2023 (Extended Mix)

It’s December and time for yet another Uniquely Yours. This month Dave is doing something completely different and self-indulgent. He’s playing his own music, something he rarely does. So, get ready for a 95 minute retrospective of Dave Richards… in stereo where available.


  1. Dave RichardsPraise Him [MK837]
  2. Dave RichardsGet on It [MK837]
  3. Dave RichardsCome and Save Me (Reiche Remix) [MK837]
  4. Dave RichardsSecrets of Life (Deep Dementure’s Minimal Remix) [MK837]
  5. Dave RichardsWhy Are You Here? (Samuel Zamora Remix) [MK837]
  6. Dave RichardsFeel the Music [MK837]
  7. Dave RichardsIt’s Come to This [MK837]
  8. Dave RichardsDo You Love Me [MK837]
  9. Dave RichardsDon’t Move [MK837]
  10. Dave RichardsTime to Leave [MK837]
  11. Dave RichardsI’ll Pray for You [MK837]
  12. Dave Richards Deeper [MK837]
  13. NetzikPeople Underground (Dave Richards Remix) [MK837]
  14. Dave RichardsOverdrive (A Love Song) [MK837]
  15. Dave RichardsEpic (MicFreak Remix) [MK837]
  16. Dave RichardsDo You Know Him [MK837]
Uniquely Yours | EP 605 | December 2023 (Extended Mix)

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