Deep Dementure – Moonlighting

Deep Dementure - Moonlighting

This is a classic pairing. Deep Dementure brings a fine piece of organic house to the table complete with original vocals and a little bit of 70’s synths stabs thrown to boot. Then comes along label boss, Dave Richards with his own take on this masterpiece. Layering in more of a late 1990’s vibe, Dave’s […]



It’s been another banner year for unique house and techno here at MK837. We’ve had so many great releases and now it’s time for our annual look back at some of our favorites. We’ve also got two brand new tracks here for you as well. First up is Space Native’s Mixed Signals. This is a great melodic house and techno track to kick off the compilation. Next up is RMRC’s Fancy (Instrumental Mix). It’s yet another example of what deep house was meant to be.

EP 605 | December 2023 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 605 | December 2023 (Extended Mix)

It’s December and time for yet another Uniquely Yours. This month Dave is doing something completely different and self-indulgent. He’s playing his own music, something he rarely does. So, get ready for a 95 minute retrospective of Dave Richards… in stereo where available. Tracklist

EP 604 | November 2023 (EXTENDED MIX)

Uniquely Yours | EP 604 | November 2023 (Extended Mix)

This is the next to last episode of the year and it’s a banger! Dave starts us out with a bit of progressive house, but quickly moves into minimal / deep tech and ultimately into Latin tech / tribal house and even a bit of acid house. He’s also upped the tempo a good bit, so it’s a barnstormer.

EP 603 | October 2023 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 603 | October 2023 (Extended Mix)

Dave’s back with yet another extended mix. The first hour of this episode aired on Proton Radio on October 4th. Now extended with another 30 minutes of house music, Episode 603 features some of the latest from MK837, Classic Music Company, Medium Rare Recordings, Harabe, and more. Tracklist

EP 602 | September 2023 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 602 | September 2023 Extended Mix

Dave Richards has returned once again to the wheels of plastic and aluminum. This time despite starting out with the latest tech house track from Francisco Samuel, Dave delivers a blistering techno set spanning everything from raw to melodic to peak time. Get ready because this is the extended mix with 30 minutes of beep, […]

EP 601 | August 2023 (Extended Mix)

EP 601 | August 2023 - Extended Mix

Dave Returns to the wheels of plastic and aluminum! Since he’s been absent from them for a while, he’s taking a look back at some of our recent releases and a look forward to what’s just about to drop. It’s an all MK837 show, so step right up and get some unique house and techno for your soul!

Dave Richards – It’s Come to This

Dave Richards - It's Come to This

Label boss, Dave Richards, returns with his first EP in a while. Never one to be shoehorned into just one genre, Dave has delivered three genre bridging tracks for your aural pleasure. First up is “Bang On” which delivers a steady stream of Afro, Latin and other tribal rhythms. Quickly following that up is “I’ll […]

EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Life’s been plenty busy lately in MK837 world, so Dave asked progressive house guru, J Lauda, to step in for June’s Uniquely Yours. J Lauda has been a longtime friend and artist of the label. Lately, he’s been having success with a host of labels including SLC-6, Soundteller, Manual Music, Krafted Underground and more.

EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Sliding in at the close of May, Uniquely Yours FINALLY gets posted! It’s been an insanely busy month and one full of distractions. I don’t know about you, but that Jedi Survivor game has me! If you missed the original broadcast of this episode on Proton Radio, buckle up! It’s a massive one, but you’re […]

EP 508 | March 2023

Uniquely Yours | EP 508 | March 2023

Dave’s back on the wheels of aluminum and plastic! He’s been AWOL for far too long, so it’s time to catch up on the latest releases from MK837. That’s not all Dave’s got cooked up for you though. He’s bringing new music from Lenz, Anton Bykov, Odeum, Music P, Marque Aurel, Odette, and Audio Analysts. […]

EP 507 | February 2023 | Guest Mix: Pirdo

Uniquely Yours | EP 507 | February 2023 | Guest Mix: Pirdo

Dave wasn’t available this month again to belt out a mix, so we’ve got a special treat for you instead. Give a hardy welcome to your selector this month, Pirdo. Hailing from Argentina, Pirdo had at it since his teen years.His first release with us was back in December. His Emerald Bay is a deep house / progressive house masterpiece that everyone should check out. Now, just sit back and relax. Pirdo will be taking over from here for the next hour.