As always, December was a very busy month. Dave was deep into plotting MK837’s path through 2023 and didn’t have a moment to fire up the wheels of plastic and aluminum. That said, Dave did have a killer set from earlier this year that aired on the Nu Soul Radio Show with Coco Street & Eddie Amador. So please enjoy this guest mix from earlier in 2022.


  1. J.ScholeyTalk To Me (Original Mix) [Open House Records]
  2. Julian MontenegroDeep in Light [MK837]
  3. Joey SLVRWhat Will Be Will Be (Original Mix) [Cleveland City]
  4. Dave RichardsForever and a Day [MK837]
  5. David HoppermanInecta (Original Mix) [TRANSA RECORDS]
  6. Dave RichardsSpiritual Thing [MK837]
  7. CASSIMMThat Sound (Extended Mix) [Another Rhythm]
  8. Francisco Samuel Wake Me Up [MK837]
  9. Harvy ValenciaMoviendo el tarro (Original Mix) [Revival New York]
  10. JohnescuI See You [MK837]
  11. Matt Caseli, Matt LightbournTo The Rescue (Here I Am) (Extended Mix) [There Was Jack]
  12. Saku NewmoonKakekko [MK837]
  13. Levi Lenz, DukokarAranuã (Dr Feel Spirit Mix) [SP Recordings]
EP 506 | January 2023

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