Yered Ponce – The Beginning (Samuel Zamora Remix)

Yered Ponce - The Beginning (Samuel Zamora Remix)

The Company Line: If you like techno and you missed Yered’s original mix a few weeks ago, here’s your chance at the remix. Building on the power and force of the original, Samuel Zamora comes in and takes The Beginning up to an 11. From the Tastemakers: “Great remix with Zamora on deck; straight solid […]

Yered Ponce – The Beginning

Yered Ponce - The Beginning

The Company Line: It’s been away since we last heard from Yered Ponce and it was worth the wait. We’ve now got one of the hardest techno juggernauts we’ve ever served up for public consumption. This monster is constantly driving the point home right down the center of the field like a steam engine on […]

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora – Warrior (Dub Mix)

Coco Street & Samuel Zamora - Warrior (Dub Mix)

What happens when a vocal house diva named Coco Street teams up with Samuel Zamora? You get a war cry of a techno track. That’s what. Play this one loud and proud. It’s coming at you like flood waters from a breaking dam in a canyon. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stand in this one’s way.


Luke Zwolf is probably not a name that you’ve heard before. He’s been around since at least 2014 but he’s going to take 2020 by the horns and make it cry for its mother. He’s got releases lined up every month through May now and we’re sure more are on the way.

Samuel Zamora – Keep Alert (Amuse Remix)

Samuel Zamora - Keep Alert (Amuse Remix)

Last month, Samuel Zamora’s Keep Alert hit stores. This time we reached out to Amuse for his take on this techno monster. Amuse took things into a deeper dubbed out world. This slow groover has a low end that will melt faces and vibrate places you didn’t even know existed. Genre-bending is a great way to describe the over all vibe. Part breaks, part deep tech house and all dub, Amuse’s take on Keep Alert is everything the word unique implies.

Samuel Zamora – Keep Alert

Samuel Zamora - Keep Alert

The Company Line: Set the alarm and post the guards! Nothing’s gonna break through Samuel Zamora’s line. Keep Alert is punctuated with pulsating synths, never ending percussion and a haunting vocal sample. It’s techno the only way Samuel Zamora could deliver it. It’s 2020 and we are MK837. Welcome to our 10th year. From the […]

Various Artists – MK2019


THE COMPANY LINE 2019 has been a massive year for MK837. It was our 9th year in existence and a year where we saw several of our artists spread their wings to work with some larger names and labels. We’ve always been proud of our music and this year is no different. MK2019 showcases the […]


Bogard - Input | Output

THE COMPANY LINE Audio is generated through a series of inputs and outputs. With each step in the process, the audio is changed. New sounds are added. Frequencies are sculpted. Volume is adjusted. Filtering happens somewhere. In the end, you’re taking a leopard and turning him into a lion. The purpose is a perfect expression […]



The Company Line: Venture deep into the jungles of the dancefloor with the artists of MK837. The crowd is packed in and dripping with sweat. The temperature is constantly on the rise and the mist in the air isn’t from hazers, foggers, or CO2 cannons. The bass is unforgiving, and the highs are soaring. The […]

Dave Richards – Love & Grace


The Company Line An early influencer of Dave Richards was Steve Lawler. His Dark Drums 2 mix compilation was in Dave’s CD player for several years. That sound greatly influenced his own dark sound from his earliest productions through today. Love and Grace is a loose reflection of that early 2000’s influence. The driving toms, […]

Brainsetter – Only Faces / Got Love


The Company Line: If you follow us on a regular basis, you already know about Brainsetter from his debut on our Come Play With Us compilation. Brainsetter comes to use with two prior releases on Biggroove Records and IAMM Music. Only Faces / Got Love showcases Brainsetter’s diverse talent as both a techno and house […]

Various Aritsts – Come Play with Us


The Company Line Come Play With Us is a new annual compilation from the team at MK837. We’re taking some hot new talent and pairing it with some of our most talented label veterans. The result is a stunningly diverse compilation with talent overflowing onto dancefloors across the globe. No matter what you’re looking for […]