Luke Zwolf is probably not a name that you’ve heard before. He’s been around since at least 2014 but he’s going to take 2020 by the horns and make it cry for its mother. He’s got releases lined up every month through May now and we’re sure more are on the way.

His first release with MK837 is a dark brooding track called “Oxygen”. In it, Luke effortlessly lays a foundation for an ever-evolving set. Driving, melodic and mysterious – this track is life in the same way that oxygen is life. “Oxygen” is the fuel you’re looking for.


  • Very good! Thanks.”
    Riko Forinson (Little Helpers / Natura Viva / 4 Quarters Music)
  • “Nice work!”
    Leon Blaq (Nervous Records / Dirty Music / Ole Black)
  • “Very good quality techno! Amazing punch!”
    Javier Lugardo (Huambo Records / Fx Recordings / Kriptonita Records)
  • “Nice depth, nice mystery to the Audio, love the FX, widescreen Techno!!”
    Blue Tone Boy (Lad Recording & Publishing / Syndikick Records Uk / Dusk Records)
  • “Nice melodic techno with that open-air festival vibe.”
    Tariq Ziyad (Unity Fm / Radio Youthology /
  • “This is such a nicely balanced and evolving track, with a great droning groove that draws you in.”
    Steve Boyett (Podrunner / Groovelectric)
  • “Massive European drive to this track. Very workable.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)