Episode 212 | June 2020 | Guest DJ: JOFF.


It’s clear that this year will be one for the history books. With the recent turmoil in the States, it seems the whole world is watching how we will handle things. Dave gives a bit of his perspective on the subject and then dives quickly into a massive set worth several listens.

Our guest this month is Joff. He’s a deep tech artist from Portugal and has had previous releases with Unnamed & Unknown, Far Down Records, Fragments and more. We just lined up a couple of releases from him for MK837 and the first one hits Beatport next week. You won’t want to miss his set, so stick around for hour two.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1.  Eko (Original Mix) REda daRE, Hyacin [Talman Records]
  2. Higher Communication Amuse [MK837]
  3. Multiways (Extended Mix) Sean Random [PULSO]
  4. Praise Him (Micfreak Remix) Dave Richards [MK837]
  5. Devotion (Block & Crown Club Mix)Soulvation [Omerta]
  6. Bazar (Original Mix) Flash 89 [Be One Records]
  7. Warrior Coco Street, Samuel Zamora [MK837]
  8. Eyes Open (Original Mix) – Rone White, Rowen Clark [South of Saturn]
  9. Future (Jason DeRoche Remix) – Laladee                [Deeplife Records]
  10. Give It Up (Original Mix) – Clock (IT) [Paul’s Boutique]
  11. Back In The Days (Original Mix) Flo.Von, Tim Klein [Strangelove Recordings]
  12. I Was Lost (Original Mix) Amuse [Tech the Truth]
  13. Realise (Original Mix) – Vincenzo D’amico [Under No Illusion]

Hour 2: JOFF.

  1. Watch The Clock (Original Mix) JOFF. [MK837]
  2. Gimmiesumar (Original Mix) Joey Jackson
  3. Hurry On (Original Mix) Unknown Artist
  4. Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine (Original Mix) AJ Christou
  5. Feeling (Original Mix) James Dexter
  6. Can You Feel Like Home (Original Mix) Mikhu
  7. Storm (Dellacasa Edit) Rare Silk
  8. Uppercut (Original Mix) NTFO
  9. Mesura (Chris Stussy Remix) Lee Onel, Victor Aguero, Christopher Rod
  10. The Pianist in the Summergarden (Original Mix) Unknown Artist
  11. The Closer We Get (Original Mix) JOFF. [MK837]
Uniquely Yours | EP 212 | June 2020 | Guest DJ: JOFF.

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