Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel


Welcome to May. It’s also Dave’s birthday. Happy birthday to him. This month we’ve got a slew of new tracks for you plus a special mix from Francisco Samuel of New York.

It’s been a while since Francisco provided us with a mix and this one will not disappoint. It comes fully loaded with some truly massive tracks including a sneak peek into Francisco’s original unreleased tracks. He ends his set with his latest release, So Strong, which just released today on MK837.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. DaylightNick Elle [MK837]
  2. HypnotisedNikolay Cranner [Clentoonce]
  3. Sugar Shack (Goldhouse Remix)Beth Hart [Provogue Records]
  4. Good For NothingPiano & Specs [Zulu Records]
  5. BlissJacob Colon [???]
  6. ReactorHoratio [Quanticman Records]
  7. Stronger (Original Mix)H.I.N.O. [Waldliebe Familien]
  8. When It All Ends (Extended Mix)Initial Eyes [Electric Impulse]
  9. The Beginning – Yered Ponce [MK837]
  10. When Acid Breaks (Moe Danger Remix)So.Undso [Amber Recordings]
  11. WaspLuke Zwolf [MK837]
  12. Warrior (Dub Mix)Coco Street, Samuel Zamora [MK837]

Hour 2: Francisco Samuel

  1. Just Beat (Enrico Bellan Remix) – Israel Kling [Dirtyclub Music]
  2. So Sexy (Lio Mass Remix) – Niko (Italy) [Datagroove Music]
  3. Mind Blind (Original Mix) – Proudly People [Blackflag Recordings]
  4. Pendergrass On – Francisco-Samuel [MK837]
  5. You Got Me (Original Mix) – Gustavo Dominguez [Habitat]
  6. The Purple Tape – Francisco Samuel [Unreleased]
  7. Buss It (Original Mix) – Haynes [Roush Label]
  8. The Infamous – Francisco Samuel [Unreleased]
  9. Pass (Original Mix) – Deiver [Lemon-aid Music]
  10. Frankie’s Story (Extended Mix) – Iglesias [Sola]
  11. Riff (Original Mix) – Rsquared [Roush Label]
  12. No Help Little (Original Mix) – Oscar Poulsen, Jaime Soeiro [SK Recordings]
  13. Know This Song – Francisco Samuel [Unreleased]
  14. Spare (Extended Mix) – Ron Costa [Sola]
  15. So Strong – Francisco Samuel [MK837]
Episode 211 | May 2020 | Guest DJ: Francisco Samuel

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