Episode 301 | July 2020 | Guest DJ: Krampelli


June has come and gone and literally kicked Dave up and down the street. It’s time for some personal R&R, but first we’ve got a show to do! Dave opens the show with a mostly tribal set that shouldn’t be missed. He then turns the reins over to a personal favorite, Krampelli!

Simply put Krampelli is a New York based tech house producer with a solid track record of music. You’ll find his music of course on MK837, but he’s also released with Phunk Junk, Digital Empire, Complex Destroyerz and more. He also run A&R over at Phunk Junk, so the guy knows what’s hot.

Hope you enjoy his set.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Watch the Clock – JOFF. [MK837]
  2. La Brava (Stefano Noferini Remix) – Harry Romero [Material Trax]
  3. Understand This (Original Mix) – DirrtyDishes [Ole Groove]
  4. Un Congo (Extended Mix) – Joeski [Saved Records]
  5. Baby Come (Original Mix) – Angel Heredia [La Pera Records]
  6. Olaho (Drumi’n Mix) – David Herrero [SwitchLab]
  7. New Case (Original Mix) – DJ Wady, MoonDark [RH2]
  8. Pendergrass On – Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  9. Faith (Original Mix) – Oscar G [Nervous Records]
  10. Coming for You (Andrea Oliva Remix) – Dosem [Stereo Productions]

Hour 2: Krampelli

  1. Attention (Original Poolside Mix) – Deep Dementure[MK837]
  2. These Thoughts (Jc Morales Remix) – Krampelli [MK837]
  3. Walkin’ Miles – San Pacho & House Divided [Distrokid]
  4. No 9-5 Bence K!SS [MK837]
  5. Kip Drive – Krampelli[MK837]
  6. Just Because – J. Worra[REALM Records]
  7. See You Dancing Phat Suppli[Made Crazy Music]
  8. Shake It – The Deepshakerz, Kid Enig [Sola]
  9. House Maker (Francisco Samuel Remix) – Krampelli[MK837]
  10. Suckin’ Up – Redux Saints[Deep Tech Los Angeles Records]
  11. You Could – Curtiba[Be Yourself Music]
  12. Werkit – SALADIN[Play Records]
  13. ID – Krampelli
  14. Other Side – Truth x Lies & Austin Hennessey [In / Rotation (Insomniac Records)]
Episode 312 | July 2020 | Guest DJ: Krampelli

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