EP 606 | January 2024 | MK837 Q1 2024 Release Showcase (Extended Mix)

Last month, Dave dropped a killer retrospective mix of his tunes. This month we’re mostly looking forward at what’s cooking at MK837 for Q1 of 2024. We’ve got some new artists joining our returning masters of house and techno.  We’ve also got several of the tracks from our last Mark’s Prime Cuts series mixed in here as well since we didn’t get a moment to promote it as well when it came out in early December. And with that, get your dancing shoes on or head to the car and play this set at high volume wherever you go today.


  1. Deep Demenuture Moonlighting (Original Mix) [MK837]
  2. Noise88 – Nowhere To Be Seen (Original Mix) [MK837]
  3. Djordje VorkapicAkuntsu (Original Mix) [MK837]
  4. Los Hermanos VagosFrench Connection (Original Mix) [MK837]
  5. Funky MEverything (Saku Newmoon Remix) [Bootleg]
  6. Space NativeMixed Signals (Extended Mix) [MK837]
  7. Dave RichardsYou Are (Original Mix) [MK837]
  8. Matke, MinitronikInhale (Original Mix) [MK837]
  9. Samuel Zamora, Yered PonceCompasión (Original Mix) [MK837]
  10. DenatsMoments (Original Mix) [MK837]
  11. Deep DementureMoonlighting (Dave Richards Remix) [MK837]
  12. Arodrios Reconnect (Original Mix) [MK837]
  13. ESSE. Into the Bass (Original Mix) [MK837]
  14. DenatsWhere’s My Opportunity (Original Mix) [MK837]
  15. CynosureSAScenes N Seen (Original Mix) [MK837]
  16. Djordje VorkapicToro De Fuego (Original Mix) [MK837]
  17. RMRCFancy (Original Mix) (Original Mix) [MK837]
  18. Funky MEverything (Extended Mix) {Bootleg]

Uniquely Yours | EP 606 | January 2024 | MK837 Q1 2024 Release Showcase (Extended Mix)

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