Back during the pandemic, we were throwing down weekly livestreams. This month, Dave’s been swamped again with life and we’re bringing one of his back out of the archive! This set is rockin’ tracks from Laladee, Joe Rowe, Krampelli, Luke Zwolf, JOFF., Gustaff, Alessio Bianchi and a host of others. Hope you enjoy it, because this one is absolute fire.


  1. LaladeeFuture (Jason DeRoche Remix)
  2. Luke Zwolf Wasp (Original Mix)
  3. Joe Rowe Collider (Original Mix)
  4. KrampelliKip Drive [MK837]
  5. JOFF.Watch The Clock [MK837]
  6. Gustaff, Alessio Bianchi Lucky Groove (Original Mix)
  7. Black V NeckAh Ah Ah (Extended Mix)
  8. Thommy Davis, Greg LewisHot (MicFreak Remix)
  9. Francisco SamuelPendergrass On [MK837]
  10. Kevin AndrewsBrighter Day (Original Mix)
  11. Clock (IT)Give It Up (Original Mix)
  12. G. Felix, Dead SpaceCall Forwarding (Original Mix)
  13. Eyes Everywhere, John SummitSeen It All (Original Mix)
EP512 | July 2023

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