EP 305 | November 2020 | Guest DJ: Voben


We’re back once again, but it’s a bit different this time around. Dave is working on moving for the first time in 18 years. As a result, his set is from a recent livestream he did for MK837’s weekly Social Distancing shows. You can catch the archive of those over at mixcloud.com/mk837.

His guest this month is the Hungarian DJ and production team Voben. You’ll find a ton of their releases on Brain Pain Records. This past week marked their first release with MK837. Get ready for some massive melodic house and techno from them. It’ll be an hour well spent.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Back to Funk (Extended Mix) Martin Ikin, Sammy Porter [Lovejuice Records]
  2. Questions – Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  3. Tournament of Power – Bobby Shann [Shann Music]
  4. Seen It All (Original Mix) – Eyes Everywhere, John Summit [Farris Wheel Recordings]
  5. Where U Going? (Original Mix) – Amuse [MK837]
  6. Sugar Shack (GOLDHOUSE REMIX) – Beth Hart [Provogue Records]
  7. Warditsio – Sean Guillermo [Slightly Sizzled White]
  8. Secrets of Life – Dave Richards [MK837]
  9. Destiny (Original Mix) – Jennings. [Rawsome Deep}
  10. Down under (original mix) – Rupert Harvey, JLN, Mr Phonic [Natural Rhythm]
  11. These Thoughts (JC Morales Remix) – Krampelli [MK837]
  12. Let You Go – Deep Dementure [MK837]
  13. New Case (Original Mix) – DJ Wady, MoonDark [Tribal Kitchen]
  14. Faith (Original Mix) – Oscar G [Nervous Records]

Hour 2: Voben

  1. Disconnected Voben [MK837]
  2. Stardust Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  3. Midnight Trip Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  4. Controlled Night Voben
  5. Highlife Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  6. Come Over Voben
  7. Lost Control Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  8. Beginnings Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  9. Mainline Voben [MK837]
  10. Magic Carpet Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  11. Dark Night Voben [Brain Pain Records]
  12. Endless Melody Voben [Brain Pain Records]
Ep 305 | November 2020 | Guest DJ: Voben

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