Ep 306 | December 2020 | Guest DJ: Deep Dementure


It’s been a whirlwind month here at MK837. Dave’s been packing for his move and well, not much else has gotten done. So this month, we’ve got a special treat for you in the form of a 2-hour set from Deep Dementure. Sit back and relax or get up and get ready to shake it all off. This one is smoking hot and Deep’s smolderin’. Let’s go!

Hours 1 & 2: Deep Dementure

  1. Tindercat (Remix) – Maracaibo 360
  2. Who Is Next – Damian Force
  3. Get Your Body Movin (Pass the Peas) – Kardano
  4. Sun Is Gonna Shine (Original Mix) – Louie Gomez
  5. Fly With Me (New York Groove Mix) – Steve O Steen
  6. Hypnotised – Nikolay Cranner
  7. The Mother Tree (Progressive Mix) – SiChill
  8. Mainline (Original Mix)Voben
  9. Pendergrass On (Original Mix) – Francisco Samuel
  10. Lotus (Original Mix) Joe Rowe
  11. Lights On Me (Original Mix) – Bence K!SS
  12. Got That Groove (Original Mix) – JC Morales
  13. Walking For Hours – Lewis Monbarn
  14. Chrysalis (Original Mix) – Ranj Kaler
  15. Secrets to Life (Original Mix) – Dave Richards
  16. That Feeling – Jamek Ortega
  17. Ortega House – Jamek Ortega
  18. I Was There – Raffaello Bonaga
  19. Highway 2050 (Original Mix) – Demarzo
  20. Saxy (Original Mix) – Bence K!SS
  21. These Thoughts (JC Morales Remix) – Krampelli
  22. Feel It in Your Soul (Original Mix) – Dave Richards
  23. Plane B (Original Mix) – Kimishkez
Ep 306 | December 2020 | Guest DJ: Deep Dementure

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