To Rio we go for this month’s Uniquely Yours. Beatype is our guest this month. They’re a married DJ and producer couple with releases on 4 Quarters, Lemon Juice, Pure Enjoyment, Vnylside and coming soon on MK837.

Opening as usual is Dave Richards who is happy 2020 is almost over, paranoid about the US election and for the first time in months excited about the promos in his mailbox.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Lockdown Rave (Original Mix) – Musiksanne, Iden Trace [Quad-Core Series]
  2. I Need You So Bad BabyMichael Vinciguerra [Nervous Records]
  3. 5GAJ Mora [MK837]
  4. Got That GrooveJc Morales [MK837]
  5. ADCR (Original Mix) – DETIRE [Amber Red Recordings]
  6. Creer (DJ Ax Remix)Samuel Zamora [DistroKid]
  7. ScreamJaksan [We Are Freaks Records]
  8. Pushin´on (Original Mix) – Henry Riquelme [Fope]
  9. SaxyBence K!ss [MK837]
  10. CorsaSilverfilter [MK837]
  11. Never Let GoCrack Jones [SRNDR Records]
  12. Coming Back Around (Original Mix)Dwayne W. Tyree [King Street Sounds]
  13. Old Times (Original Mix) Dr Gabbo, JAOV [Fope]
  14. A Piano Idea (Original Mix)MICHAEL C & NAMTRACK [Amber Red Recordings]*
  15. I Wanna Get LooseAR [Slightly Sizzled Records]*

*Cut from the show due to time constraints but would have been on it otherwise. Go grab these tracks!

Hour 2: Beatype

  1. Organize (Original Mix)Miguel Seabra
  2. Roulette (Original Mix)Arkady Antsyrev
  3. Secret City (Original Mix)Jesse Jacob & Mattisou
  4. Coalesce (JizzRemix)Anoo Rado
  5. All Right (Original Mix)Beatype
  6. Make It Something (Original Mix)Project89, Elliot Chapman
  7. Bright Dreams (Original Mix)Beatype
  8. Live Jazz (Original Mix)Duwayne Motley
  9. Good Vibes (Original Mix)Beatype
  10. Mind, Body & Soul (Original Mix) – Sek
  11. Persistence (Original Mix)Somersault
  12. Le Doux Moment (Original Mix)Beatype, Vassalo & Valentinna
  13. Philippine Sunrise (Original Mix)Demuir
Ep 304 | September 2020 | Guest DJ: Beatype

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