EP 504 | NOVEMBER 2022

Uniquely Yours | EP 504 | November 2022

Dave is back behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic again this month. This month’s set brings you the latest from MK837 as well as promos from Like That Underground, Feel Hype, Dirty Bird, Caddyshack Records, iSH and more. It’s a solid mix that begs to be played over and over. Don’t let it down.

Markyno & Fernando Monfeli – Du Du

Markyno & Fernando Monfeli - Du Du

Chopped vocals and a jackin’ beat set this new collaboration from Markyno and Fernado Monfeli off. It’s the bouncy baseline that propels it forward though. Of course, it doesn’t help that the label owner is still an emotional stunted middle schooler who giggles at the track name. Just trust us though, this is a killer […]