Dave is back behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic again this month. This month’s set brings you the latest from MK837 as well as promos from Like That Underground, Feel Hype, Dirty Bird, Caddyshack Records, iSH and more. It’s a solid mix that begs to be played over and over. Don’t let it down.

Since it’s November, it’s time to be thankful. Despite all the bad that has happened this year, good things still happened. Sometimes all it takes is one good thing to outweigh everything else. For Dave, it’s simply surviving a severe reaction to COVID and being able to breath on his own and walk distances. More recovery is still needed, but this is his “one good thing”. So, what are you thankful for? Leave a comment or a review wherever you downloaded this podcast and share your “one good thing” with everyone.


  1. Don’t touch my Money (Original Mix)Coolnick + HALL [Like That Underground]
  2. YourselfChristian Cheval, Gass Krupp [Like That Underground]
  3. Rise of AngelsDenny Silverman, Olivae [MK837]
  4. Relieve (Original Mix)Ivan Herrezuelo [Feel Hype]
  5. Wolf Spirit (Original Mix)INESSA [DEEP TALES]
  6. HopeMarcio aka DJ Bat [MK837]
  7. It’s Funky (Frivolous Jackson Remix)Teknicoz [iSH]
  8. So Is Music. So Is Life.Alessandro Angileri, Markyno [MK837]
  9. Swivel (Original Mix)Frivolous Jackson [Dirtybird]
  10. Take It BackBad Dancer [MK837]
  11. Feel The Rhythm (Extended Mix)Chris Gooding [Country Club Disco / Caddyshack Records]
  12. Push It (Original Mix) Brotech [SYNCOPE]
  13. Something WickedSaku Newmoon [MK837]
Uniquely Yours | EP 504 | November 2022

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