EP 610 | MAY 2024 (Extended Mix)

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | EP 610 | MAY 2004 (Extended Mix)

Given the Dave’s absence last month, he put the extra effort in to give you more than two hours of music this month. He’s loading you up with some classic remixes, tons of tracks from our “progressive elders” and of course some of the latest from MK837’s artists. So get ready, this one’s epic!

EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Sliding in at the close of May, Uniquely Yours FINALLY gets posted! It’s been an insanely busy month and one full of distractions. I don’t know about you, but that Jedi Survivor game has me! If you missed the original broadcast of this episode on Proton Radio, buckle up! It’s a massive one, but you’re […]

EP 405 | November 2021

UniquelyYours I EP 405 I November2021

This month, Dave dug through some recent promos and purchased tracks he hasn’t had a chance to play yet and served them up with slices of the latest from MK837. Get ready for a journey through time and space.

AJ Mora – That Feeling

AJ Mora - That Feeling

The Company Line: AJ Mora is a house music veteran from way back from LA. You’ve heard of him even if you don’t recognize his name. Back in the day he worked with Richard Vission in The Movement. Yes, AJ is the yellow clad madman behind the early 90’s hit Jump. AJ was also one […]

Episode 206 | December 2019 | Guest DJ: Samuel Zamora

Episode 206 | December 2019 | Guest DJ: Samuel Zamora

Intro: It’s our final show for the year. 2019 is almost gone and we’re looking forward with fear, trepidation and hope toward 2020, which has always either been a news show on TV or science fiction. Let’s face it, the dude’s getting up there in age. Our guest this month is Monterey, Mexico’s own Samuel […]

Episode 201 | July 2019 | Guest DJ: AJ Mora

MK837 presents Uniquely Yours | Episode 201 | July 2019 | Guest DJ: AJ Mora

Intro: It’s the start of our second season of MK837 presents Uniquely Yours. Once again, your host, Dave Richards, delivers the opening salvo with a mix of house, tech house and techno for your listening pleasure. The last part of Dave’s set includes several tracks from MK837’s new compilation The Night Belongs to Us, which […]