The Company Line:

For our 200th release, Dave Richards decided to go more gospel with a track call Praise Him. In a shocking twist of irony, James Deron released a track by the same title with even the same vocal sample on ROHM Records. It was as though the fates had reached up and smacked Dave’s ball out of the goal at the last second. Wait… I don’t know sports. Was that the right reference? Not in my house or something like that? Wait… I’m off topic now. Nevermind. Back to the liner notes.

So anyway… the track was killer, if you missed it. So was James’ too. Go buy the original for both Dave’s version and James’. Wait… hold on…

Ok, so here we are taking another look at Dave Richards’ Praise Him. This time around, we’ve pulled Micfreak in to give this track a makeover. He takes the original mix, sets it on fire, burns it to the ground and rebuilds it with a massive floor filling prime time vibe. This remix is much more than an upgrade, it’s a reenvisioning.

From the Tastemakers:

  • “Feelin’ this uplifting rework from Micfreak!”
    Marcia Carr (The Ladyz DJ Quartet / Talking Music)
  • “Yep! Great house vibes. Will play on the Deeplife Presents radio show.”
    DJ Omni (Transform / Deeplife Records)
  • “Lovely Remix.”
    Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika Records/ Metro FM / Channel 901)
  • “Check out that pure fresh sounds coming from your speakers – Quality driven beats!!”
    Blue Tone Boy (Lad Recording & Publishing / Syndikick Records Uk / Dusk Records)
  • “A good chunk of funk with this US sounding flavour, nice deep pads cover with sweeping splashes topped with a great vox.”
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)
  • “Sweet record!”
    Leon Blaq (Nervous Records / Ole Black / Dirty Music)
  • “Really good one!”
    Noel Sanger (Dissident Music / Anticodon / System Recordings)
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