EP 509 | April (Extended Mix)

You’re in for a treat tonight! Well, maybe this morning. Tell ya what, YOU insert your time of day, and we’ll call it a win.

You’re about to listen to episode 509 of MK837 presents Uniquely Yours. Dave Richards is back once again behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic and unlike the broadcast version, this episode comes to you with an additional 23 minutes of music for a total of 17 smokin’ tracks. The set features new music from Deeplife Records, Inception, Like That Underground, National Sound, Deep Tales and of course MK837. All masterfully mixed by MK837’s own label head. Yeah… we know we mentioned him earlier. We just don’t know how to get off this stage.

Anyway, enjoy. Sorry this got so awkward.


  1. Thomas FerellThe Forest (Original Mix) [Inception]
  2. AJ MoraEverything Is Gonna Be Alright (Micfreak Extended Remix) [Deeplife Records]
  3. TEGMoonbeams (Nerutto Remix) [Inception]
  4. Erik SchieveninMineral [Like That Underground]
  5. Jay EssHigher (Pirdo Remix) [MK837]
  6. ForxsamplerThe power of Love [Like That Underground]
  7. M.PravdaNew World [National Sound Records]
  8. CanoroEverything Yours [Like That Underground]
  9. AJ MoraFascinated (Robbie Rivera Extended Remix) [Deeplife Records]
  10. JC MoralesAnnex (Joe Rowe Remix) [MK837]
  11. Fes BondatDiscrimination [Like That Underground]
  12. ConcurrencyThe Crane (Extended Mix) [Deeplife Records]
  13. Luke HumblesJungle Bounce
  14. AJ MoraBassline Kicking (Tony B Extended Remix) [Deeplife Records]
  15. Markyno & Lorenzo SpanoPush it (Original Mix) [Like That Underground]
  16. ASWSay It Right (Pete Moss Dub)  
  17. OthertuneCosmostar (Original Mix) [DEEP TALES]
Uniquely Yours | EP 509 | April (Extended Mix)

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