EP 502 | September 2022 (Extended Set)

September has been a massively busy month and what better way to celebrate such things than with a massive extended mix. If you missed the original broadcast on Proton Radio, don’t worry. Dave’s got you covered and more. That’s right, there’s an extra 40 minutes of music waiting for you right here!


  1. Army of SoulsNoise88 [MK837]
  2. The Acid Link Alec Smith [MK837]
  3. Aranuã (Dr Feel Spirit Mix) Levi Lenz, Dukokar [SP Recordings]
  4. MalaikaRedspace, Lluis Ribalta, Eleene [Redspace Sound]
  5. People Marcio aka DJ Bat [MK837]
  6. What Will Be Will Be (Original Mix) Joey SLVR [Cleveland City]
  7. Talk To Me (Original Mix) J.Scholey [Open House Records]
  8. Groovy NightsJulian Montenegro [MK837]
  9. Moviendo el tarro (Original Mix) Harvy Valencia Revival [New York]
  10. Wake Me Up Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  11. Miracle Maker (Extended Mix) Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas [Three Six Zero Recordings]
  12. That Sound (Extended Mix)CASSIMM [Another Rhythm]
  13. Spiritual ThingDave Richards [MK837]
  14. I See You Johnescu [MK837]
  15. To The Rescue (Here I Am) (Extended Mix) Matt Caseli, Matt Lightbourn [There Was Jack]
  16. Honest Emotion (Dimitri Nakov & B-Vision Acid Dub Ibiza Edit) Dimitri Nakov, Warung [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
  17. Slip n Slide (Acid Dub)Roman Rai, Charlie May, Dimitri Nakov, Natacha Atlas, DNA Presents [Bedrock Records]
  18. Pixelghost Voben [MK837]
  19. Give (Silverfilter Explorer Mix) Silverfilter [Deeplife Records]
  20. Creación Samuel Zamora [MK837]
Uniquely Yours | EP 502 | September 2022 (Extended Set)

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