Full confession time here. July was extremely busy, and I didn’t have time to get to the studio for the mix. Instead, I jumped back into my mix archives and found one from 2016 that I’m not sure ever aired anywhere. It’s a solid mix and from today’s perspective a great way to look back at the sonic landscape of 2016. So, site back and relax or jump up and dance like nobody else, because this one will take you there… wherever there is for you.


  1. GraumannGray Boulevard (Joan Retamero Remix)
  2. German Valley, Joe RedMagic Secrets (German Valley Remix) [Insolito Records]
  3. TermomentAlum Roses (Original Mix) [Systematic Recordings]
  4. Jorge DV, Nacho JM Fearless (Original Mix) [Kriptonita Records]
  5. Luca CassaniCome Take It (Can’t Take It) (Bultech Remix) [Heavenly Bodies Records]
  6. Jay-XImpulse [Yatagon Records]
  7. Sami WentzCaptagon (Original Mix) [Wentz Records]
  8. PiaabOutlaw (Dany Deep Remix) [Old School Department]
  9. Cruzado, J. MurielJungle Devices Feat. J. Muriel (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique]
  10. Gasc, Joe RedMatorraling (Gasc Remix) [Insolito Records]
  11. Vertical AmigoDeepen (Original Mix) [Cold Tear Records]
Uniquely Yours | EP 501 | August 2022

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