Marcio aka DJ Bat – 4&44

Marcio aka DJ Bat - 4&44

Marcio delivers here with a blistering 3-track EP featuring some Latin influenced tech house and raw / deep / hypnotic techno. All three tracks are pure fire and contain enough variety that dancefloors around the world can safely remain packed. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably make a bad decision at some point today. Picking this EP up will not be it.

EP 604 | November 2023 (EXTENDED MIX)

Uniquely Yours | EP 604 | November 2023 (Extended Mix)

This is the next to last episode of the year and it’s a banger! Dave starts us out with a bit of progressive house, but quickly moves into minimal / deep tech and ultimately into Latin tech / tribal house and even a bit of acid house. He’s also upped the tempo a good bit, so it’s a barnstormer.

EP 601 | August 2023 (Extended Mix)

EP 601 | August 2023 - Extended Mix

Dave Returns to the wheels of plastic and aluminum! Since he’s been absent from them for a while, he’s taking a look back at some of our recent releases and a look forward to what’s just about to drop. It’s an all MK837 show, so step right up and get some unique house and techno for your soul!

Mark’s Prime Cuts: 04 | Top Round

Mark's Prime Cuts: 04 | Top Round

Mark’s made another trip to the butcher’s shop and returned with a massive top round for a London broil. Oh… he also found 5 killer new tracks as well that we bet you’ll want to take home to your family.

EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Sliding in at the close of May, Uniquely Yours FINALLY gets posted! It’s been an insanely busy month and one full of distractions. I don’t know about you, but that Jedi Survivor game has me! If you missed the original broadcast of this episode on Proton Radio, buckle up! It’s a massive one, but you’re […]



Mark has a new Prime Cut for you today! This time we’ll be serving up hanger steak along sides of deep, progressive and tech house, electro and of course techno. We’re also traveling the world with artists from Portugal, Japan, UK, Sweden, Bosnia and of course the US. Remember, hanger steak requires high heat to […]

Mark’s Prime Cuts: 01 | Porterhouse

Mark's Prime Cuts: 01 | Porterhouse

We’re starting a new year with a new series. Most of you may not realize it, but our A&R work is done by Mark. Mark is our ever-faithful winged lion mascot and well… he has impeccable taste. He’s also recently opened his own butcher shop and well… things are really starting to take off there. […]

EP 504 | NOVEMBER 2022

Uniquely Yours | EP 504 | November 2022

Dave is back behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic again this month. This month’s set brings you the latest from MK837 as well as promos from Like That Underground, Feel Hype, Dirty Bird, Caddyshack Records, iSH and more. It’s a solid mix that begs to be played over and over. Don’t let it down.

Marcio aka DJ Bat – Hope

Marcio aka DJ Bat - Hope

Marcio aka DJ Bat drops by with a sick melodic house and techno track. Like people, this one harkens back to the early days of Moby sonically. Elements of Ambient abound layered with a driving groove and tight drum programming, there’s nothing here that could possibly disappoint. Marcio has out done himself this time around.

Marcio aka DJ Bat – People

Marcio is back with a new track. This time around, he’s delivering a classic sounding melodic house track. Mixing in organs with elements echoing Moby’s old skool ambient Marcio layers in a killer vocal sample. The track alternates between driving techno beats and retro house vibes. This is the type of track that no one […]