The Company Line:

We’re starting to come to the close of our 2018 year. We started things out right this year with Francisco Samuel’s tech house monster “Freak to the Beat / Charlie Hustle”. It rose to number 21 on Beatport’s tech house release charts and then crossed over into the overall top release chart. As we start to wind down the year, we wanted to leave you with another bit of tech house lighting: “The Misfits / Rock It Up”.

Francisco has continued to refine his chunky tech house brand throughout the year. With this release, he’s gone a bit deeper and added a more atmospheric sound while keeping all the funk and chunk. If you were a fan before, you’re going to go insane over “The Misfits”. “Rock It Out” dives into a pool of retro 80’s sounds from synth squeals to a few well-placed toms. This release deserves your attention and will set dancefloors on fire. Proceed with caution, but by all means… proceed.

From the Tastemakers: