Following up on his Rinse/River release, Bogard returns with the Yeah, Now EP. This four track EP features a blend of minimal / deep tech and melodic house and techno tracks worthy of any dancefloor of sophistication. If you’re looking for a raw and evolving sound, try the original mix of Yeah, Now. Need something a bit deeper? Grab the Dub Mix. Something a bit more global? Give Guitar Boy a try. Strip things back down again in the end with Track R. It’s minimal sound and atmospherics is a perfect mood setter.


  • “Nice strange dark dubby line.”
    Carmelo Carone (A/R TRAX Records)
  • “Support from Saladin.”
    Saladin (DI.FM)
  • “Like it! Yeh!”
    Les Hemstock (Joof Aura / Liquid Recordings / Platipus)
  • “Downloading for KISS FM, thanks!”
    Sammy W (Cuff / Tobus X / Mr. Carter)
  • “Nice work.”
    Joel Armstrong (Kansak Recordings / Spring Tube Limited / Circle Musik)
  • “Guitar Boy man! Love the whole release! Nice one Bogard & MK837!” Micfreak (Funktrap Records / Tonedef Beats / Quantize Recordings)
  • “Quality!”
    Danny Slade ( / IDJ Magazine / Zone Magazine)
  • Nice release!”
    The DJ Bri (Southern Exposure Music / Afro Acid)
  • “Dark and mysterious. Great opening track for me. Awesome work from Bogard!”
    Krampelli (Japa / WHITE RCRDS / Matilda)
  • “Nice swing sets to each production to provide a nice deep techie groove.)
    Paul Cook (Musicbox Therapy Radio Show on Fnoob Techno Radio)