Samuel Zamora – Victoria

Samuel Zamora - Victoria

Driving tribal rhythms are the main force behind Samuel Zamora’s Victoria. Full force techno is on the menu here bending your mind and your will. The track simply doesn’t stop and is ready for peak time in your sets.

EP 410 | May 2022 (Extended Set)

Uniquely Yours | EP410 | May2022 (Extended Set)

You’re in for a treat this month. With Proton, I have a hard stop at sixty minutes for Uniquely Yours. That’s the main reason why (if you’ve been following the show for a long time now) we haven’t had any guest mixes or extended sets. This month I recorded the show live on Twitch and […]

Deep Dementure – You Know How I Like It

Deep Dementure - You Know How I Like It

It’s been a while, but Deep Dementure is back with us once again. He’s moved on a bit from his usual deep house sound and progressed into more of an organic house vibe. This new track brings back memories of the late nighties and Hooj Choons. It’s not a track to be missed if you’re […]

Amuse – I Remember

Amuse - I Remember

test offering from our man Amuse. Once again, he takes us into his strange world of hardware produced minimal grooves and vibes. Old skool is always the nu skool with him. I Remember is a bit haunting compared to some of his other tracks, but it’s no less awe-inspiring and unique.

geminiTHNDR – All Night

GeminiTHNDR - All Night

This week we’re debuting a brand-new artist. GeminiTHNDR comes to us from Canada with a nuclear reactor’s worth of energy and optimism. His track, All Night, is his first offering to the public and we think it’s worthy of your attention. This is a tech house groover with a bit more of a festival vibe that you usually hear from us. Quality all around though while keeping at least one foot firmly in the underground. Check out GeminiTHNDR today and step into the groove.

EP 409 | April 2022

Uniquely Yours | EP 409 | April 2022

One of the things that made me extremely happy last year was the rebirth of Hooj Choons. I can’t stress how much their sound influences me even to this day. And if the label’s resurrection wasn’t enough, we’ve now got a new remix of one of my all-time favorite tracks, Roaches by Trancesetters. Now, it’s […]

Alec Smith – The Glitch

Alec Smith - The Glitch

The Glitch brings all the right vibes with a driving tech house groove and old skool hip-hop vocals. If you’re a fan of Francisco Samuel’s work on MK837, then this is a release you need to check out. This one just won’t stop.

Kurtz – Cable Flow

Kurtz - Cable Flow

Cable Flow is a massively deep, deep house groover with sparse, but lush vocals. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially for those already familiar with his work. Miss this one at your own peril.

Dave Richards – Going Native

Dave Richards - Going Native

Dave Richards is back again with another genre bending track. Going Native starts out more as deep house and slowly evolves over time to massive melodic house & techno. The vibe on this one is perfect for stepping things up during the opening of a set.

Johnescu – Together

Johnescu is back with his 5th track on MK837. This time out, he’s got a groovy house track that’s starts out a bit on the deep and minimal side of things before the vocal takes off. It’s a prime mover that won’t disappoint those who want to step things up in their sets.

Bogard (UK) – Ouch Ouch

Bogard (UK) is one of our secret weapons. If you’re looking for something that can span genres, change the mood or just break up a monotonous moment in you set, he’s one of the best to go to. Creativity oozes from his tracks.

This time around, Bogard brings a huge groovy analog baseline to the table along with some great tribal rhythms and massive stabs. Evolving over time, Ouch Ouch is a great combination of modern house with a bit of a disco and maybe a bit of an acid jazz vibe. You can’t go wrong with it.

EP 408 | MARCH 2022

Uniquely Yours

Dave is back! That’s right, Dave is back on the wheels of plastic and aluminum. He’s regaining control of the mix and will be taking you on a journey through time, space and genre. Strap yourselves in for a ride or get up to dance. Everything goes now that Dave is back in control. Tracklist: […]