Peter Lombos – We Don’t Stop

Peter Lombos - We Don't Stop

Is this some of the deepest bass you’ve heard in a while? We’re willing to bet that it might be. This bass is so deep it’s throbbing like this track just got spanked. Layered over this is a killer beat and vocal chops that simply won’t stop. This is a peak time mover that you’re […]

Saku Newmoon – Kaikou

Saku Newmoon - Kaikou

This week we’re flying to the other side of the globe to catch up with Saku Newmoon. In 2023, he released a series of deep house tracks with us. In 2024, he’s going deeper and getting techie with us as well. Kaikou is a spacey minimal / deep tech track filled with haunting atmosphere and […]

Los Hermanos Vagos – French Connection (Space Native’s in My Head Remix)

Los Hermanos Vagos - French Connection (Space Native's in My Head Remix)

Space Native is back with a fresh take on Los Hermanos Vagos’ French Connection. Leaning more on the melodic house side of melodic house & techno, Space Native’s In My Head Remix drops in a new vocal and takes things deeper than before. Missing this remix would be a mistake, especially if you missed the […]

Denats – Out of This World / I Don’t Sample

Denats - Out of this World / I Don't Sample

There are plenty of great choices for jackin house, but if you want weird and otherworldly jackin house, you need Denats. Nothing is ever normal with him, but everything is fantastically jackin. “Out of This World” freaks and tweaks its vocal to Looney Tunes levels of comedy while still grooving harder than a shark on […]

Joe Rowe – The Sound of Nothingness

Joe Rowe - the Sound of Nothingness

Joe Rowe returns to MK837 after a smash hit on Farris Wheel Recordings. The Sound of Nothingness is a melodic techno dream. Its very nature is hypnotic, warm and draws you deeper into the fray. Over the years, Joe has developed a knack for this kind of track, and it doesn’t get much better than […]

Matke / Minitronik – Inhale

Matke, Minitronik - Inhale

We’re welcoming Matke / Minitronik to MK837 this week with his debut release “Inhale.” With prior releases on Microgarden, THANQ, Happy Days Records and more, Matke / Minitronik will bring some absolute banging minimal / deep tech to the label. In fact, “Inhale” is very reminiscent of one of our favorite labels, Bedrock Records. “Inhale” […]

EP 609 | April 2004 | Guest Mix: Ayzk Rovshan

Uniquely Yours | EP 609 | April 2004 | Guest Mix: Ayzk Rovshan

You’re in for a treat this month. Dave had to do a last-minute tear down of his studio so the floors could be repair (don’t ask). As a result, Ayzk Rovshan is taking over the wheels of aluminum and plastic. So get ready for an awesome guest mix that’s not to be missed from this former MK837 artist.

EP 608 | March 2024 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 608 | March 2024 (Extended Mix)

Full confession time, in case you didn’t notice earlier, this is Dave’s first time behind the decks in about two months. Life has been EXTREMELY busy, but he’s making up for that absence now with a 2-hour extended set rather than just an additional half-hour. It’s almost all progressive house and melodic house and techno, so buckle up. This one is fire. Lots of new music and a few obscure older tracks that you may not have heard yet.

Dave Richards – You Are

Dave Richards - You Are

MK837’s label boss, Dave Richards, returns from the mountain top of the synths and DAWs with six minutes and forty-one seconds of progressive bliss with “You Are.” Heavily laden with toms and a deep and deeply saturated baseline, this track’s upper end comes complete with airy pads, vocals, and rhythmic stabs. You’ll definitely want to […]

Esse. – Into the Bass

Esse. - Into the Bass

This week we’re traveling to Italy for some more drum laden Latin tech house. This is a peak time track with a massive looped vocal and multiple builds. Built for the mainstage, but strong enough for the underground, Esse. delivers a winner in “Into the Bass.”

Djordje Vorkapic – Rondônia State

Djordje Vorkapic - Rondonia State

Djordje Vorkapic joins the MK837 family with prior releases on Hush Recordz Limited, Feel Hype, HDR Limit and more. This two-track ep delivers two stellar tech house tracks. The first is a massive roller with a rocking vocal loop. The second takes on much more of an upbeat Latin tech vibe. Both will make solid […]


Noise88 - Nowhere to be Seen

Noise88 is returns with another blistering progressive house track. It’s also one of those that can step into multiple genres including progressive trance and melodic house. Built for the poorly lit, dirty, sticky-floored clubs, this monster brings festival level sound while still being 100%% underground. Don’t miss out on the haunting vibes of “Nowhere to […]