Johnescu – I See You

Johnescu - I See You

Johnescu has become a label favorite with his no holds bar take on house music. This time out he brings true fire with I See You. It’s deeper than deep and hotter than hot. This is a versatile track for both building and peak time. Lush vocals and driving, haunting synths propels this one forward […]

EP 502 | September 2022 (Extended Set)

Uniquely Yours | EP 502 | September 2022 (Extended Set)

September has been a massively busy month and what better way to celebrate such things than with a massive extended mix. If you missed the original broadcast on Proton Radio, don’t worry. Dave’s got you covered and more. That’s right, there’s an extra 40 minutes of music waiting for you right here! Tracklist Army of […]

Julian Montenegro – DEEP IN LIGHT

Julian Montenegro - DEEP IN LIGHT

Julian Montenegro returns with a third release for the year. Deep In Light is a classic take on deep house with its muted chord stabs, crisp percussion, and dreamy vocal samples. It’s perfect for a late summer dip in the pool. Hopefully, your pool is still open. Ours closed two weeks ago. I tell ya […]

Saku NewMoon – KAKEKKO

Saku NewMoon - KAKEKKO

Saku Newmoon joins us all the way from Japan this week with some acid infused deep house. Driven forward by a powerful baseline and luscious chord stabs, Kakekko races forth taken us all along for this deep, yet sometimes chaotic journey. If you’re looking for a stand out track for your next set, this one […]


Sampler (UK) - Mistress (Sampler's Deep Club Edit)

Sampler is back with a more raw and deeper take on his killer track from earlier this summer. Harkening back to the earliest days of Chicago and Detroit, Sampler takes us back through time and space to give us a taste of that old skool funk.

Markyno & Alessandro Angileri – So Is Music. So Is Life.

Alessandro Angileri, Markyno - SO IS MUSIC. SO IS LIFE.

Markyno has teamed up with Alessandro Angileri and delivered another stomper of a tech house track for your enjoyment. This is a peak-time mover for when the floor is packed and churning like butter. Don’t take your hands of the decks and keep your body on the dancefloor whenever this one is being played.

EP 501 | August 2022

Uniquely Yours | EP 501 | August 2022

Full confession time here. July was extremely busy, and I didn’t have time to get to the studio for the mix. Instead, I jumped back into my mix archives and found one from 2016 that I’m not sure ever aired anywhere. It’s a solid mix and from today’s perspective a great way to look back […]

Noise88 – Army of Souls

Noise88 - Army of Souls

When we last left noise Noise88, he had just taken us to an unknown destination. Now, he reveals what was discovered there. Deep in the recesses of the surrounding mountains, a search revealed a network of caves. In those caves, Noise88 found an Army of Souls. Beauty is the name of the game with this […]

Francisco Samuel – Wake Me Up

Francisco Samuel - Wake Me Up

The groovy tech house producer is back! Francisco Samuel brings his trademark percussion back to MK837 with Wake Me Up. With an ever-evolving baseline and sly vocal drops, this one leans toward a more minimal sound and backs enough firepower to break through even the deadest of dancefloors to resuscitate them back to life.

Dave Richards – Forever and a Day

Dave Richards - Forever and a Day

You can sleep when you’re dead. For now, keep on movin’. This is Forever and a Day. MK837’s label boss, Dave Richards, is back behind the controls again to take you on an all-new trip. Join him now because this train ain’t stopping for you again.

Alec Smith – The Acid Link

Alec Smith - The Acid Link

Alec Smith returns with a dark and brooding progressive / melodic track for you. If you don’t fall in love within the first few bars, wait for the vocals to kick in. This one is a perfect track to build with.

Julian Montenegro – Fresh Lettuce

Julian Montenegro - Fresh Lettuce

Julian Montenegro first appeared on our Come Play with Us 2 compilation last year. We’re excited to have him back now with another track sure to make you dance or make a salad. We’re not wholly sure with this one. All we know is that it’s a groove. Be sure to wash your hands before […]