Bad Dancer – Take It Back

Bad Dancer - Take It Back

It’s time to get weird up in here. Bad Dancer will be your tour guide today for everything groovy and weird. He’s gonna help you take the dancefloor back with a deep groovy baseline and quirky percussion. But wait, what’s that weird synth? I have no idea, but I do know you dig it. So, […]

Denny Silverman & Olivae – Rise of Angels

Denny Silverman & Olivae - Rise of Angels

Denny Silverman returns to MK837 with his buddy Olivae. Rise of Angels is a solid minimal / deep tech track with the emphasis on deep. This one has everything you need to take the dancefloor to the next level of deepness. Know what I mean? Yeah… yes, you do. I can see it in your […]

EP 504 | NOVEMBER 2022

Uniquely Yours | EP 504 | November 2022

Dave is back behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic again this month. This month’s set brings you the latest from MK837 as well as promos from Like That Underground, Feel Hype, Dirty Bird, Caddyshack Records, iSH and more. It’s a solid mix that begs to be played over and over. Don’t let it down.

Marcio aka DJ Bat – Hope

Marcio aka DJ Bat - Hope

Marcio aka DJ Bat drops by with a sick melodic house and techno track. Like people, this one harkens back to the early days of Moby sonically. Elements of Ambient abound layered with a driving groove and tight drum programming, there’s nothing here that could possibly disappoint. Marcio has out done himself this time around.

Saku Newmoon – Something Wicked

Saku Newmoon - Something Wicked

We’re travelling back to Japan this week for a deep house stomper by Saku Newmoon. Once again, he reaches out into the ether to take us on a journey through time and space. The relentless groove pushes us ever forward while a haunting electric piano loop keeps us on the edge of our seats. Get […]

Voben – Eclectic Rhythm

Voben - Eclectic Rhythm

Voben returns to MK837 with a massive melodic house and techno track. This is an upbeat floor filler with a lighthearted attitude and ever evolving rhythms and synths. Just when you think the track can’t push things further, it takes a temporary step back and then steps on the gas. This is the peak time […]

Miguel Montez – Distant Echo

MIguel Montez - Distant Echo

It’s time for more melodic house and techno from Spain’s own Miguel Montez. Distant Echo is a sonic journey through time and space… and back. The track is driven forward with a strong baseline and stabs synths that echo through out the night. You can’t go wrong with this prime mover.

EP 503 | October 2022 (Slightly Extended Set)

UniquelyYours | EP 503 | October2022 (Slightly Extended Set)

This month’s Uniquely Yours is a test bed for what hopefully will become a series of upcoming studio mixes in the vein of Global Underground, Transport and more. Although this one isn’t as ambitious as Dave had hoped it would be, it did help him to gauge how much work this project will be instead of a traditional live mix. More details about this special project will follow in the coming months. For now, just enjoy the ride.

Francisco Samuel – The Breaks

Francisco Samuel - The Breaks

Francisco Samuel continues to pump out gold from his studio. The Breaks strips down his usual tech house sound for a more minimal / deep tech one. Lush pads over solid jacking percussion get accented here by some beautifully chopped vocal stabs. Is this tech house, jacking house, minimal / deep tech or just plain […]

Bogard (UK) – Bogardino 3

Bogard (UK) - Bogardino 3

One Bogardino. Two Bogardino. Three Bogardinos! That’s right Bogard has returned to MK837 with another aptly named indie dance track. According to Bogard, this completes his trilogy and what a trip it’s been. Ethnic drums meet haunting synths to make a truly unique sonic vibe on this one. Quirky is the name of the game […]

Dave Richards – Spiritual Thing

Dave Richards - Spiritual Thing

House music is a spiritual thing. It can be deep. It can be jackin. It can be techie. It can be minimal. But most of all… it is a spiritual thing.

Johnescu – I See You

Johnescu - I See You

Johnescu has become a label favorite with his no holds bar take on house music. This time out he brings true fire with I See You. It’s deeper than deep and hotter than hot. This is a versatile track for both building and peak time. Lush vocals and driving, haunting synths propels this one forward […]