EP 602 | September 2023 (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 602 | September 2023 Extended Mix

Dave Richards has returned once again to the wheels of plastic and aluminum. This time despite starting out with the latest tech house track from Francisco Samuel, Dave delivers a blistering techno set spanning everything from raw to melodic to peak time. Get ready because this is the extended mix with 30 minutes of beep, […]

Space Native – Face the Music

Space Native - Face the Music

Space Native joins the MK837 family with prior releases on New Horizon, Blessed Cross, Lunar Outpost, and more. Based in Overijssel, Netherlands, he’s delivered a mad two-track EP of melodic house and techno that will drive dancefloors insane. Infectious grooves are the name of the game here. Grab hold of this and don’t let go. […]

EP 601 | August 2023 (Extended Mix)

EP 601 | August 2023 - Extended Mix

Dave Returns to the wheels of plastic and aluminum! Since he’s been absent from them for a while, he’s taking a look back at some of our recent releases and a look forward to what’s just about to drop. It’s an all MK837 show, so step right up and get some unique house and techno for your soul!

Mark’s Prime Cuts: 04 | Top Round

Mark's Prime Cuts: 04 | Top Round

Mark’s made another trip to the butcher’s shop and returned with a massive top round for a London broil. Oh… he also found 5 killer new tracks as well that we bet you’ll want to take home to your family.

EP 512 | July 2023

EP512 | July 2023

Back during the pandemic, we were throwing down weekly livestreams. This month, Dave’s been swamped again with life and we’re bringing one of his back out of the archive! This set is rockin’ tracks from Laladee, Joe Rowe, Krampelli, Luke Zwolf, JOFF., Gustaff, Alessio Bianchi and a host of others. Hope you enjoy it, because […]

Past Deep – Drops Me Crazy

Past Deep - Drops Me Crazy

Past Deep joins MK837 with this release. He has prior releases on Trippy Code, Frequenza, Mosiak Records, Colorics and more. Drops Me Crazy is a deep, progressive vocal house track that slow burns the crowd into a frenzy.

Dave Richards – It’s Come to This

Dave Richards - It's Come to This

Label boss, Dave Richards, returns with his first EP in a while. Never one to be shoehorned into just one genre, Dave has delivered three genre bridging tracks for your aural pleasure. First up is “Bang On” which delivers a steady stream of Afro, Latin and other tribal rhythms. Quickly following that up is “I’ll […]

EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Uniquely Yours | EP 511 | June 2023 with Special Guest: J Lauda

Life’s been plenty busy lately in MK837 world, so Dave asked progressive house guru, J Lauda, to step in for June’s Uniquely Yours. J Lauda has been a longtime friend and artist of the label. Lately, he’s been having success with a host of labels including SLC-6, Soundteller, Manual Music, Krafted Underground and more.

EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 510 | May (Extended Mix)

Sliding in at the close of May, Uniquely Yours FINALLY gets posted! It’s been an insanely busy month and one full of distractions. I don’t know about you, but that Jedi Survivor game has me! If you missed the original broadcast of this episode on Proton Radio, buckle up! It’s a massive one, but you’re […]



Mark has a new Prime Cut for you today! This time we’ll be serving up hanger steak along sides of deep, progressive and tech house, electro and of course techno. We’re also traveling the world with artists from Portugal, Japan, UK, Sweden, Bosnia and of course the US. Remember, hanger steak requires high heat to […]

JC Morales – Annex

JC Morales - Annex

We’re traveling back up to NYC again to catch up with the talented JC Morales, co-owner of Minimal Nest Records. His latest release with us is Annex – a dreamy and ever evolving minimal / deep tech groover. On remix duty, we’ve reached out to Mineground (Club Session / Low Groove Records / Datagroove Music) […]

EP 509 | April (Extended Mix)

Uniquely Yours | EP 509 | April (Extended Mix)

You’re in for a treat tonight! Well, maybe this morning. Tell ya what, YOU insert your time of day, and we’ll call it a win. You’re about to listen to episode 509 of MK837 presents Uniquely Yours. Dave Richards is back once again behind the wheels of aluminum and plastic and unlike the broadcast version, […]