Ep 101 | Dave Richards (July 2018)

We’re kicking off a new podcast this month hosted by Dave Richards. If you’ve been on a quest for some truly unique house and techno, this is the place. Each month Dave will bring you some of his favorite deep underground cuts, the latest from MK837 and starting next month, a guest mix from on of the other MK837 artist or friends. This month though, it’s all on Dave’s shoulders. Sit back and relax, because this is Uniquely Yours.

Remember, if you like the show, please tell your friends. If you like the music, support the artists. The tracklist is below.


  1. See You Again (Francisco Samuel Remix)J Lauda [MK837]
  2. Need Ya Lovin (Original Mix)NANA K. [Audio Safari]
  3. Back From Outer Space (Vocal Dub Mix)Son Of 8 [8 House Records]
  4. Catch My Breath (Original Mix)Max Chapman, Leftwing & Kody [Relief]
  5. Afrika WorkoutMicfreak [unquantize]
  6. Lost Paradise (Original Mix)Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero [Noisy Neighbours]
  7. Shofar Dance (Dave Richards Remix)Samuel Zamora [MK837]
  8. Time to LeaveDave Richards [MK837] – OUT NOW
  9. Barcelona (Gesus Lpz Remix)Daniel Nicoara [Shodan Records]
  10. Stimulus (Bogard Remix)Krampelli [MK837]
  11. Hold Up, Wait a Minute (Original Mix)Cazztek [Glo Record]
  12. ProggyBogard [MK837]
  13. Deep Within My Mind (Original Mix)Steam Shape [Metaphase]
  14. Willl You Ever (House Me Rouge)Laladee Feat. Coco Street [Coco Lala Records]
  15. Underground Feeling (Original Mix)Noel Sanger, 2 Tall Keith [Rebel House Official]
  16. Resonance (Chemical Harmony Remix)J Lauda [MK837]
  17. Bring The House Down (Original Mix)Mati Marin [Run Records]
  18. Acid Party (Original Mix)The Micronauts [Micronautics]
  19. Gonna Hold On (Original Mix)Craig Williams [Perfect Driver Music]
  20. Get Chu HomeFrancisco Samuel [MK837] – OUT NOW
  21. Parental Tears – Netzik [Matilda]
  22. Heart Player (Noel Sanger Remix)Colombo [ORCA]

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