Episode 204 | October 2019 | Guest DJ: Amuse


It’s that time again. Your host as usual is Dave Richards and this is MK837 presents Uniquely Yours.

If you’re new to the show, Dave takes the wheels of plastic and steel for the first hour, we have a guest for the second and together they bring you our unique takes on house and techno all for your enjoyment.

Our guest for this month is Amuse. Amuse is deep and tech house DJ and producer from Los Angeles. He also runs two small labels – Deep 4 Jesus and Tech the Truth. You’ll find his releases on not just his labels, but MK837, Baboon Recordings, Jambalay Records and more.

Be sure to head over to Beatport or wherever you buy your music and pick up the latest from Francisco Samuel. His new release – All Automatic / Take Control is out now and making some waves. You won’t want to miss this. 

We also have our monthly free track up on SoundCloud.com/mk837 and I posted another new mix on mixcloud.com/mk837 under my Wild Space Sessions series, so check those out as well.

Hour 1: Dave Richards

  1. Dark Vibes Dave Richards [MK837]
  2. 1990 (Extended Mix) Rory Hoy [Total Freedom +]
  3. Follow Me Luigii Nieto [Club Restricted Promo]
  4. Day After Club (Original Mix) Vito Pignatelli [Selectro]
  5. Grunge Bassline Ahmet Mecnun [Phoshenes Lab]
  6. All Automatic – Francisco Samuel [MK837]
  7. Shakuhachi – Babayaga & Josh Blackwell [Syncopate Afterhours]
  8. Africa – QDream [Revolt Music]
  9. Reach Me – Muuk’ [Twisted Freud Recordings]
  10. Meant to Be – Flare & Loverz [Stazis]
  11. Drinking Tea in Chepstow – Ollie Populi [Poolside Deep]
  12. Wasabi Sauce – OCD [Total Freedom Xp]

Hour 2: Amuse

  1. Industry (Toronto) – Mr. G[Phoenix G ]
  2. Dark Forces – Butane[Extrasketch]
  3. Feelings – Steve Bug[B Series ]
  4. I Got You – Timmy S. & JB[Wiggle]
  5. Onky Monkey (Vibe Killers Rmx) – The Mekanism & Jaekin[Material Trax]
  6. Ste 000002 – Ste Roberts[STE]
  7. The Organization – Butane[Glauben]
  8. Assembly – Tan Ru[Trelik]
  9. Flowers – Idealist[Idealistmusic]
  10. Mandiba – Mr. G[Phonix G]
  11. Mith – Idealist – Echochord]
  12. Unknown [White Label]
  13. Ijzeren Rots – Unknown[Digwah]
  14. Unknown [White Label]
Episode 204 | October 2019 | Guest DJ: Amuse

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